La Revolucion

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La Revolucion
Abbreviation: LaRev
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Fidel Castro
Goals: Keep Barhah Mall liberated!
Recruitment Policy: CRF members may apply by private-messaging Sonny at the RRF Forums
Contact: El Presidente

There was a Coup at Caiger, and now we must carry on... La Revolucion.

La Revolucion is an elite strike group of the Caiger Resistance Front. Led by Fidel Castro himself, this group is at the very vanguard of the CRF, leading them into battle.

Formed in November 2006 after the fall of Barhah Mall, it quickly grew apparent that the Caigerites, with their legendary "tactics" would have to be combatted by a team of crack zombies if the Coup at Barhah Mall was to continue. This is where Fidel came in, ordering impromptu strikes of loyal CRF zombies active during the evening in the states. This eventually grew, until La Revolucion was born.


A member of La Revolucion

Do you have what it takes to join the Revolucion? Of course you do! Any shambling zombah is welcome to hold the precious Barhah Mall. It was once a symbol of indomitable harman will. Now it shall be a symbol of the CRF's revolution.

If you want to join La Revolucion, you must meet the following basic requirements...

  • Be a member of the Caiger Resistance Front
  • Be able to participate in daily strikes (late night gmt, evening in the States)
  • Be able to check in on the forums at least once a day to receive strike information
  • Be ready for guts, glory, Barhah and square dancing

While La Revolucion is composed of elite zombies and features the alts of many RRF Elders, younger zombies are welcome as well, because joining a strike group is a great way to rack up skills and keep Barhah Mall liberated.

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