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Remember as a child, how you feared the darkness. Unsure of what was watching from the shadows, unable to see them as they were about to strike. We Legends of Darkness bring back that fear, and allow it to consume you. Let the darkness take hold and find redemption that Malton can not bring you.

Do you suffer from a form of psychosis? do you crave to see the blood of others splattered upon walls? Are you looking for like minded lunatics to drown out the voices in your head?

If so, then, Legends of Darkness is for you. We here are consumed with the hatred of the living survivors within Malton, and will kill them in both human or zombie form. We are death cultists with a player killer twist!

What can Legends of Darkness offer you? Well we are a new group, of veteran players some as far back as '05. We can show the basics of how to PK and attack as a zombie, as well as some more advanced tactics. We prefer to do real time coordinated strikes as much as possible through MSN Instant Messenger, and most of all ... NO DRAMA! Stay away if you are a drama llama!

This is a game for us, and we intend to have fun at the expense of a few bodies of survivors here and there. Don't let our sense of humor fool you, we are dead serious on causing pain, anguish and death to the citizens of Malton, and do so in deadly force.

So put down the bottle of ritalin, and sign up today to be part of a group that is sure to make a impact. Your other voices want you to, and so should you.

To those of you, already in a group, we are also actively looking for like minded groups that like to shoot first then ask questions later.


If you care to join please feel free to Email us at contactlod@gmail.com with a link to your profile, so we can do a proper background check. If you are accepted and the Darkness surrounds you then we will reply with our forum address, and further instructions.

If you are comfortable with it, you may leave some information here on how to contact you (wiki character page, E-mail, home address so we can stalk you ...) and we will be in touch as soon as we can do so.

--Matt Aries 13:01, 20 August 2008 (BST)

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