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The Malton Suburb Liberation Force

Hawkeye approved. What more could you want?

PROUD MEMBER OF THE ASB! The M.S.L.F is a small group (11members total, 6 active) but packs a punch where it counts! The M.S.L.F may not have strengh of numbers but has strengh of will!

"We do not know failure. Well we do know it because it's in the dictionary... but, failure is not an option, nor does it apply!" -Pvt De

The Malton Suburb Liberation Force has been operating and defending Williamsville since November 2006. It is currently working tirelessly to keep safe houses open to the living who don't kill other living. We operate a popular pub in Williamsville which is a safe haven for survivor kind. It's heavily defended and that's where we're holding the pizza, pies, and pizza-pies. Did I mention we are Hawkeye Approved? Could've sworn I did...

Contact us at our forums at http://tinyurl.com/mk54k (nothing to worry about the tinyurl, it's safe) and become some kind of hero today! For life, cheese, and happy hour!

"Yay!" -Major Fireman22

--Pvt De 04:36, 9 May 2007 (BST)