Militant Order of Barhah

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Militant Order of Barhah
Militant Order of Barhah.gif
Abbreviation: The MOB
Membership: 100+
Prophet: Jorm
Contact: barhah dot com
Sign Up: Thread
IRC: #mob
In-Game: Locator

The Militant Order of Barhah is an aggressive, highly co-ordinated zombie group. They are proud Barhah Fundamentalists whose mission is to bring sweet, shambling unlife to all breathing beings, so that they can know the joy of True Barhah.


The Militant Order of Barhah was founded by what may or may not be the original membership of the Barhah Brigade (whose existence is still unproven). These zombies believe they have come to achieve a deeper understanding of the ideals of both the metaphysical state and the fellowship of the unliving, or Barhah. They found that cleaving to True Barhah (a term which they coined in order to further separate themselves from what they feel are lesser understandings of Barhah) place them in conflict with modern interpretations of zombie life. As such, to prove the strength of True Barhah, the Prophet Jorm and his Inquisitors put out an open call:

"Join the Militant Order of Barhah and learn once again
what it means to shout BARHAH into the lifeless night."

...and the zombies came.


The Militant Order of Barhah espouses and heels to the idea of Barhah Fundamentalism. They believe that life of any kind is "anti-barhah". Further, they believe that the tools and trappings of the living (such as revive needles) are "anti-barhah" as well. This philosophy extends to their perspectives on "zombie" techniques such as death cultism.

The Barhah Fundamentalist viewpoint is that there is absolutely no circumstance under which a zombie should be brought back to life. Further, those zombies who regularly engage in "crossing over" – or worse, actively seek out life – are heretics and no better than the harmans who they claim to fight.

Barhah fundamentalists believe that there is "barhah" and "anti-barhah" and all things can be classified as one or the other. Barhah is to be embraced, and anti-barhah is to be extinguished.

The rot is barhah. The needle is anti-barhah.

The Barhah cares not for the ends, but for the means. One cannot be one with the Barhah if one strolls through barricades bearing weapons of steel and powder.

True Barhah is the joy of the rot and of warm drippings of brains. Barhah is not found in the barrel of a gun, nor the blade of an axe, but by tilling the earth of harmanity with your own claws and teeth, planting the seeds of their future Barhah.

The Militant Order of Barhah's leadership structure is as follows:

  • JormThe Prophet of Barhah – Jorm defines policy. Usually that policy consists simply of "kill everything."
    • groghHigh Inquisitor – grogh is the head of the Inquisition wing. All Inquisition teams are subordinate to him. He is also the de-facto leader of the Zealots.
      • BisfanHigh Priest of Barhah – Bisfan is grogh's field lieutenant, and in command of The Inquisition.
      • RewilGrand Inquisitor – Rewil does magic.
      • Drag'n'FeastBairn Earraigh – Drag'n'Feast is the leader of the Bairn Ceatharn strike team.
      • RevenantCorsair Cap'n – Revenant is the leader of the Barhahry Corsairs strike team.
      • MarinaChief Liberator – Marina is the leader of the Bra!nz Liberation Front strike team.

The Militant Order of Barhah is divided into three divisions. Each division has different responsibilities and membership in any one is based on the individual's desire for responsibility.

The divisions are:

  • Inquisitors: These soldiers are those who are members of co-ordinated attack squads. The MOB attacks at regular intervals, and the Inquisitors are all able to meet one (or more) of these attack times.
  • Missionaries: These soldiers are those who are unable to make one of the scheduled attack times (but may be able to co-ordinate with each other). They serve as scouts and "door knockers".
  • Zealots: These are standard infantry men. They are not members of an inquisitor team, and have no obligations other than to attack open targets. They may perform their actions whenever they choose.
Strike Teams

The Militant Order of Barhah has four strike teams. All teams co-ordinate via IRC, and any MOB members present in IRC at that time may join in the strike. ( #mob)

Current GMT/UTC time: Monday 15:52


Zombies wishing to join the Militant Order of Barhah may sign up by posting in the Sign-Up Thread on the forums.

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