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We are returning the once great Miskatonic University to its former glory! Contact the Miskatonic University Faculty to help us rebuild.

The campus covers 27 city blocks; 21 blocks in Old Arkham, 6 blocks in New Arkham.


Founded in 1690 in the old city of Arkham, Miskatonic University is named for the nearby Miskatonic River. When Arkham was annexed by Malton in the last century, Miskatonic become Malton's oldest and most prestigious educational institution. The University maintains a fanatical alumni association, The Fighting Cephalopods.

Role in Recent Events

Some have suspected the Miskatonic University may have played a role in the epidemic that currently spreads through Malton. The University has a history of clandestine revivification experiments, most infamously those of medical student Herbert West in the 1920's. MU also hosted a cooperative internship program with NecroTech and many MU graduates were employed there.


North Miskatonic University

11,92 Horditch Auto Repair--Tagged as Miskatonic University Supply Depot. Previously a row of old houses which had been turned into apartments for the students. After the incident with student Wally Gilman's postgraduate work, all but one of the houses were razed. The attached single-car garage became the work station for one mechanic, Ms. Elizabeth Mason. Horditch Auto Repair functions as the supply center for Miskatonic University, being the only on-campus source for fuel cans.

12,92 Miller Library--Tagged as Miskatonic University Ancient and Rare Texts. Originally called Pnakotic Library, the origins of the name unknown, it was changed to Miller Library in honor of a large financial contribution from the publishinghouse of Underwood/Miller; Miller being an alumnus of Miskatonic University. Plus, Pnakotic was difficult to say and there was much debate over its proper pronunciation. This is the campus library where many of the darker, forbidden texts such as the Necronomicon are kept, under the watchful eye of MU's Arcane Studies Department.

13,92 St. Neot's Church--Tagged as Miskatonic University First Anglican Church VSB+2. Previously known as Heyler Cathedral, it was renamed when Father Sarnath Heyler went mad one Sunday morning during mass and began firing a shotgun into the crowded hall of partitioners. St. Neot's was the traditional church of Arkham's well-to-do WASP's.

11,93 Kelley Library--Tagged as Miskatonic University Medical and Law Library. Old accounts claim that this library was originally named after an ancient deity now referred to only as the Not-To-Be-Named-One. Since all references to the actual name of this supposedly accursed pagan god have been removed from all records, both public and church-kept, the library was renamed after Augustus Kelley, the Father of Arkham, as it was he who accompanied the Arkham Family during their initial settlement of this area of Malton and proposed the formation of the university.

12,93 The Durston Building--Tagged as Miskatonic U Abnormal Psychology Department. Named after Roland William Durston, doctor turned politician and active alumnus.

13,93 Leman Boulevard--named after Robert Casey Leman, second Dean of Miskatonic University.

11,94 Cary Towers--Tagged as Miskatonic University Administration Building. Administration building for the school. The top floors provide an excellent view of the entire campus.

12,94 St Daniel's Church--Tagged as Miskatonic University Temple of Dagon VSB+2. Bishop Whateley presides here. He knows more than he lets on. Previously an Anglican church, St. Daniel's was taken over by the mysterious Esoteric Order of Dagon after the Order provided a sizable donation to MU's coffers. The previous parishioners of the church have since founded a second St. Daniel's Church, just off campus.

13,94 a cemetery--originally named Divell Cemetery, after Raymond "Buzz" Divell, star quarterback for the Fighting Cephalopods. His family was a major contributor to the campus. When Buzz passed away from mysterious causes, this previously unused piece of land next to the church was renamed and his body was the first one interred at this location.

Central Miskatonic University

11,95 a carpark--Tagged as Miskatonic U Student and Faculty Parking. Sometimes a carpark is just a carpark. Also has space for visitor parking.

12,95 Haley Street--Named after Crawford Haley, his family origins come from beyond Malton. Location of one of Miskatonic University's three billboards. This one reads Go Pods! in reference to The Fighting Cephalopods, the Miskatonic University football team and alumni association.

13,95 a warehouse--Tagged as Miskatonic University Storage. Previously the school cafeteria and bookstore, it has been gutted and is currently being used as a base of operations for the Reformed Old Arkham Republic.

11,96 McKay Lane Police Department--Tagged as Miskatonic University Campus Security Center. Previously one half of the Arkham Sanitarium, which mysteriously burned down several decades ago. After the fire, the cells and offices of the Arkham sanitarium are now utilized as a police substation and home of the Miskatonic University Police Department.

12,96 St Luke's Hospital--Tagged as Miskatonic University Med Center and Arkham Asylum. The building which is now called St Luke's Hospital was formerly one half of the infamous Arkham sanitarium. The upper floors are abandoned and off limits due to the fire damage that ravaged the internal walls during the mass escape of inmates which forced the asylum's closure. The basement of the hospital is home to the Miskatonic University College of Arcane Medicinal Practice (or CAMP) which teaches such practices as bloodletting, trephaing, and mercury enemas.

13,96 Pridmore Way School--Tagged as Miskatonic University Philosophy Department. Named after the first dean of the college Hezechiah Pridmore (Dean Pridmore was also an outspoken supporter of frontal lobotomies for unruly pupils)

11,97 Tatler Lane--public thoroughfare for the students to voice their opinions in front of fellow students and passersby.

12,97 the Hardy Building--Tagged as Miskatonic University Occult Studies Department. The building was named after Stratemy Hardy, and houses the schools of paranormal investigations, practical voodoo, and other ethno-mysticology classes. Mortuary Sciences classrooms are located in the basement.

13,97 Kingman Alley--This is the location of the gate to Miskatonic University, which matriculating students enter through and graduates exit. Kingman Alley is also the location of one of Miskatonic University's three billboards, this one reading Welcome to Miskatonic University!

West Miskatonic University

08,95 the Fullaway Building--Tagged as Miskatonic University Business School named after Steve Fullaway, the first firefighter of Old Arkham. There are disturbing rumors that a large percentage of MU Business students have started selling their souls or worshiping other-worldly powers in return for material wealth. Miskatonic University Police are investigating.

09,95 Newmarch Avenue School--Tagged as Miskatonic U Non-Euclidean Math Department. This department focuses on theoretical math, and has lately contributed to the research of inter dimensional plains.

10,95 Elder Alley--Location of one of Miskatonic University's three billboards. This last one reads Cthulhu Fhtagn! in honor of the Great Old One who still lies sleeping in R'lyeh. Students who wander into Elder Alley when certain stars are in the sky rarely come back out.

08,96 Wagner Building--Tagged as Miskatonic University Political Science Department. Named after Frothbert Wagner, it was originally the public services building accompanying New Arkham's former city hall. Now it is home to the Antirealism school of political thought, which holds that after the Great Old Ones come back to reclaim earth there will no longer be human power struggles. Theoretical analysis of multi Great Old One power structures and dynamics.

09,96 The Court Building--Tagged as Miskatonic University Law School. The first city hall, now abandoned, of New Arkham in its early inception as it began to expand and grow separate of what is now Old Arkham. Now is a well respected and endowed law school.

10,96 Pridmore Way School--Tagged as Miskatonic University Armitage Hall in honor of Professor Henry Armitage, one of the most preeminent faculty members in Miskatonic University history. Contains a variety of classes and departments due to its central location.

08,97 Purvis Library--Tagged as Miskatonic University South Library. This library is open 24 hours a day, meaning that it always has at least a few students in its twisted halls. Also contains the campus coffee house Shifting Grounds.

09,97 St Timothy's Hospital--Tagged as Miskatonic University Teaching Hospital. You may be familiar with Chief of Staff Robert West's more notorious sibling. Rest assured that after the outbreak all research into raising the dead was halted in favor of research into how to put zombies down for good.

10,97 Malpas Grove--named after the deceased minstrel/poet/comedian Howard Malpas. It is said that his music can still be heard throughout the grove.

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