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Miskatonic University Faculty
MU Seal
Abbreviation: MU
Group Numbers: 4?
Leadership: Guy Lovecraft
Goals: Rebuilding and protecting the Miskatonic University Campus
Recruitment Policy: Anyone with a pulse and desire for knowledge
Contact: Visit Miller Library in Old Arkham

The Miskatonic University Faculty consists of pre-Outbreak staff of Miskatonic University as well as those who sought shelter in the University after the Outbreak. The group is dedicated to defending the MU campus and keeping the buildings powered and well furnished. They believe that the University is last vestige of true civilization in Malton.


The faculty is currently hiring for virtually all positions, so joining is as simple as adding the group name to your profile and traveling the MU campus in New Arkham and Old Arkham. Veteran staff member Guy Lovecraft can usually be contacted at Miller Library in Old Arkham. Members are given more or less free reign, but are expected to help accomplish the Faculty's goals, spelled out below.


  • Elimination of the Zombie threat in and around the campus.
  • Keeping all buildings on campus, excepting St. Neot's and St. Daniel's churches, at maximum barricade level.
  • Keeping campus generators fueled.
  • Tagging buildings to indicate their status as Miskatonic University buildings. Tagging Guidelines for buildings are bolded on the University's main page.
  • Furnishing all educational buildings with scientific and artistic pieces.

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