Monroeville Rangers

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Monroeville Rangers
We need a logo
Abbreviation: Monroeville Rangers
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Ranger Collective
Goals: Battle Barhah in Monroeville.
Recruitment Policy: Currently open to any members of the Malton Rangers, survivors outside the group may join as well.
Contact: [1]

The Monroeville Rangers are a group of tough, experienced survivors dedicated to battling Barhah in Monroeville. Made up of seasoned veteran players they know all the tricks of the minions of Barhah and will do everything they can to foil the plans of the undead. Barhah will not rein in Monroeville while we still draw breath.


With the borders of Monroeville reopening the Monroeville Rangers are regrouping. Those who survived the lock down are coming out of hiding and seeking each other out. We'll have a mission once the team is back together again.

Join in our Battles!

If you are interested in fighting the good fight along side the Monroeville Rangers then get in touch with the Malton Rangers on our forum.

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