Morrhall Drive Fire Station

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Morrhall Drive Fire Station
VSB, unlit
Mike411 (talk) 07:44, 18 June 2021 (UTC)
Morrhall Drive Fire Station

Tapton [46, 74]

Longmate Walk St. Luke's Hospital the Byfield Museum
the Bainton Arms Morrhall Drive Fire Station Brookman Alley
a warehouse Dix Place Sabine Towers

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.

Morrhall Drive Fire Station



Morrhall Drive was where many of the firefighters of the historical Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station made their homes. Named Morrhall in a more innocent and racist time because of the way the men and women of the Malton Fire Department would look like Moors when they came home from a hard day of fighting fires. It made sense then to build a more modern Fire Station here, that along with St. Luke's Hospital and Haag Plaza Police Department would provide comprehensive emergency management to the suburb of Tapton. Unfortunately zombie apocalypse was not an emergency they had planned for.

Barricade Policy

This building is an entry point for St. Luke's Hospital, and should remain VSB+2.

Current Status

14 January 2012

87H has penetrated and ruined this building and it's generator. --Binko Mandorak 19:30, 14 January 2012

14 July 2010

Currently VSB but a gang of zombies to the west and this place could be under threat. Anyone reading this should keep a look out as a horde could emerge from the dead bodies I have seen. survivors unknown, please add--Benjodeath

January 14 2008

This building has been ruined and rebuilt to VB over the past couple of hours, count 7 zeds outside. Unknown whether St Lukes has fallen too--Brostar 00:03, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

Nonember 14 2007

This station is now very strongly barricaded. A warning keeps appearing in the form of tags.

September 4 2007

87H destroyed this building. --lighterboh 4:50, September 4 2007 (EST)

August 31 2007 The building has been ruined. It looks like a big group of zeds took it down. 87H could've help take it down since they're in the area. Looks like about 15 zeds outside. The surrounding buildings have been ruined as well. How many are inside? I didn't go to look inside. I take back what I said two days ago. Chibichocobo 11:35, August 31 2007 (PST)

August 29 2007 The building is now barricaded. Things are fine. A small group of survivors here. Yet the surronding area has a few zombies around. Not much of a threat. I'm not very good at writing these. --Chibichocobo 11:55, August 29 2007 (PST)

August 16 2007 The building is down and ruined, all survivors either fled or were eaten, including myself. The zombies have attacked this part of the suburb in groups of 3-7 zeds, and all nearby buildings are being targeted. Might be MotA, but i'm not sure. Garret Baker, alt of --Galstratein 03:15, 16 August 2007 (BST)

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