Necrophiliac Voyeurism

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Read first

This is For Ghetto Cow and AlQilya Jihad members only, if you are not one leave now, or face the fury of our Rats and probably a Feral Squid not to mention a Robot and a Male stripper

*Disclaimer: the Czarina wanted to be added to the previous list, but honestly. Who would be afraid of being stalked by a hot russian chick?

*"Hmmmm, that gives me an idea", says Zombie slay3r. He adds, "Check back here later on 1 March 2007".
*"Hey, check this out!", states Zombie slay3r.


Large Siege Tactics

So you're hanging out in...some building under siege, ignoring the hundreds of zombies outside, and suddenly you hear a banging on your barricades! Before you react, several zombies smash past the 'cades and into your refuge! What do you do?

  • A. Shoot the pusbags in the face!
  • B. Run like hell to another building!
  • C. Casually walk past the zombies and out the door!

Well, all of those options are wrong. If you're awake and the dead break in, you must, before anything else, barricade! A couple of zombies is no big deal, but the huge horde outside is, and by blocking them, you save yourself AND all the survivors in the building. Once the 'cades are back up, then you'll want to heal any critically injured people (including yourself), THEN you can start shooting. After you kill one zombie, immediately dump the body or it might get back up. Then kill the rest of the slimy dead fools.

Summary: During a large siege, deal with zombie break-ins like so: BARRICADE, HEAL, KILL, DUMP BODY, rinse, and repeat.

This will save lives in any large siege!

River Tactics

Members feeling like having fun hang out in the hot spots of Malton (right now that would be the Shearbank area).

RiverlogoS.gif Supporter of River Tactics
I flow into the void.

Also, the idea of River Tactics, or melting around a zombie horde, is supported by us. Why hold territory if the zombies just want your flesh?

This also applied to the Blackmore Building, so since it got fethed there, we hit the road to piss off the zombies. No brains here, what now, zed? What now?!

And if you're a newbie...

Since we are right next to a Mall, a good skill to purchase would be Shopping. As a defender/protector of a specific high-traffic site, a good way to level is through the use of FAK's. Surprisingly enough, it is a much better skill than *several* for fast levelling, because the search rate in drug stores is better for FAK's than anywhere else in the game. In other words, grabbing some medkits and healing random people can get you lots of XP quickly, particularly since there's more then a hundred zombies trying to eat people in Whippey. Lachryma can attest to the brilliant powers of medkits. And if you get diagnosis it gets even better!

Fallback points strategy

Normally we defend a NecroTech Building near a mall that is under siege. Why? becouse fast revivification of survivors is what makes the difference in sieges. We want those survivors up and cading ASAP. That is also the reason zombies usually target the nearest NecroTech Building at the same time or even before the mall. So having a clear plan to keep the revives lines short no mather what, would allow us to win the siege, or at least keeping as many survivors as we can alive.

  • Keep in mind that this plans are usually make before any of us reach the area, and taking into acount the suburb and/or suburbs barricade plan. If you reach the area first scout it and report any differences on barricade levels or other important information. Also think of using tags for recruitment and to inform others something like: "Keep at VSB+2 and check"
  • A part of us should always be 1 step ahead of the others, if we are holding the current location, those members should be at the primary fallback point to do some scouting (check danger and cades level, change the strategy if it's necesary, informing the zombie status in the area) and getting ready some of that beutifull glittering serum for the fallem. If we have to move to the primary fallback point then the scouts should move to the secondary ASAP. Remember to change the information provided here if you see diferences in the actual suburb Current scouts are: (add your usernames here and delete this)
  • If the nearest NecroTech Building falls, soon after the mall will fall (usually 24 to 48 hours, sometimes even in the same day). Primary fallback points usually falls 24 to 72 hours later than the mall becouse the Zombies spread into smaller groups and atack every building in their way.
  • If it's clear that the primary fallback point will fall soon (for example same amount of zeds and survivors in it) just cade, heal and move to the secondary rendevouz point, especially if you can revive others. If you have enough AP tell the survivors to leave the building but dont give our next location or revive point as Zombies can hear and understand you

Current location

Defending Treweeke Mall in Dulston. Particulary The Whitlock Building at 92,5

please check the Dulston barricade plan

Primary revive point at Bruorton Drive 92,6 as the Heddington Walk Railway Station serves as an entry point both to the mall and the NT building

Rendevouz points

  • AP: 3 to the entry point 5 to the building
Zombie status:

  • AP: 5 to the entry point 8 to the building
  • Revivification point: wasteland at 83,4
Zombie status:


You have accessed the reconnaissance page for Ghetto Cow, the AlQilya Jihad, and their informed allies. Feel free to add more reports in the form of screenshots, survivor/zombie counts, and/or anecdotes. If you were looking for the article on "Necrophiliac Voyeurism", then please refer to this resource site... you sick bastard.

March 5th, 2007 (GC/Zach)


December 28th, 2006

"There's plenty of meat left to barbeque!" - 3:30AM CST.

Caiger 12-28-06.JPG

December 27th, 2006


Supplement for Skitchipoo's Journal Report, taken at 4:15 AM CST:



December 21st, 2006

There doesn't seem to be much zombie activity in the southern half of Scarletwood at the moment, but as you can see there are many buildings that are powered, running, and occupied by numerous drunken Red Sox fans. Nevertheless, an air force strike team has been ordered to erradicate the Red Sox fans later today.

Shots taken @ 2:40PM CST

--Skitchipoo 21:22, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

Editorial Note: I think I would rather let my kid be a fething zed, than a Red Sox fan. -- Jon D'oh 23:32, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

December 20th, 2006

I have finished scouting out the blocks that surround Fort Perryn in Pennville and Whittenside. There seems to be a moderate congregation of decrepit creatures in the sector directly south of the fort. Unfortunately, I could not decipher whether they were zombies or just members of the Rolling Stones. You can analyze the map and judge for yourself by clicking here. These shots were taken on 12/20/06 at 3:30 PM Central time (I believe thats 9:30 PM GMT).

The fort itself, however, is surrounded by zombies and smells of urine and goat cheese. This is what the outside of the fort looked like at 5:30 PM CST (the outside of the northern buildings could not be seen):


There were also 3 zombies playing hackysack inside the gatehouse. I will stay in the area until daylight tomorrow unless given further instructions. Over and out! --Skitchipoo 23:55, 20 December 2006 (UTC)