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Inactive Group Listing

Inactive Survivor Groups

Reformed Old Arkham Republic

The Reformed Old Arkham Republic (previously known as Old Arkham Republic, but under "new management") is dedicated to supporting survivors and eliminating zombies within the bounds of the suburb.

ROAR has never claimed ownership of any part of Malton, but has made Old Arkham its home -- in perpetuity. The Reformed Old Arkham Republic welcomes cooperation with other survivor groups, but asks that they respect the group's standing as the oldest and largest survivor organisation in the suburb.

The Damned

The Damned is a new group in Old Arkham. They are dedicated to making Old Arkham a safe place for zombie and survivor alike, and for rebuilding the infrastructure of the suburb.

Justice Inc

Justice Inc were a small band of survivors, ranging in number from 10 to 20, who took part in various battles throughout the game's early history, circa 2006 through to 2008. They are now defunct.

Malton Fire Department

The Malton Fire Department is currently looking for fire fighters in the area willing to man the local fire stations.

Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency

The Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency or APFD was founded on October 15, 2006 by Lt Potter, An ex-Member of the Dunell Hills Police Department. He hoped to bring the same protection and help he gave as a DHPD officer to the rest of Malton. He used both Old Arkham and New Arkham as the base to begin his dream. He also hoped to bring both Arkhams together so a new stronger Suburb would be born.

"Currently poeple who appered to be members of Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency have been murdering people without provocation under false pretense. There is also a large number of members who are/were Iocaine Powder. LtPotter has supposedly kicked them out of the Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency but many have still have their group set to APFD." --MrWinkey

Inactive Zombie Groups

Lebende Tote

Die lebenden Toten (German for The Living Dead One) is a zombie horde dedicated to total chaos and the complete destruction of the survivor community. Lebende Tote works to achieve this goal by helping young undead gain experience as fast and painless as possible and aiding other un-dead hordes with the clearing out of the 'breathers'. Lebende Tote players are dedicated to the zombie "life-style" and have been known to PK any survivor that dares to combat revive a "Tote".

Arkham Asylum Avengers

The Arkham Asylum Avengers are a zombie group comprised of former patients from the notorious Arkham Asylum, also known as St. Luke's Hospital (Old Arkham). Strongly drawn by indistinct yet compelling memories, the Arkham Asylum Avengers attempt, even in undeath, to return to their former "home".

New Zombham Armah

The New Zombham Armah was formed in August of 2007 for the purpose of creating a second zombie homeland in the New Arkham suburb.

Choosing the Mitchener Building as their HQ, the New Zombham Armah works to secure New Zombham (New Arkham) for future zombie kind. They also lay territorial claim to the Greater Zombham areas of Old Zombham (Old Arkham) and Shambles Village (Foulkes Village).

The Coalition

The Coalition have been sited moving amoung the dead. When asked about why they have come to Old Arkham, a spokesbeing was heard to say "mAHMNHGRHZMn haRZ ZZMNHAan aAHr, gRHRHGB BZarBGRZ, anGB RZanHGaRZHGAHZZ MNRHZZaMN RZHArBBAHZZHARZ. HGhHA nAHghHG MNAHRZHA AHRZ GHNMAHHAHG, bNMHG mRHRZHG RH" ("We like the local meat" according to his living companion, who agreed to translate for us).

Inactive Hostile Groups

Philosophe Knights

The Philosophe Knights, an enigmatic group which prizes erudition beyond all else, has been actively PKing individuals which they deem unrepentant ignorant and uneducated in Old Arkham. This policy however seems to have occurred not without quarter: "it is reported that Philosophe Knights do not target anyone inside of libraries, schools, and museums. Survivors who fear execution can find safety in those buildings. This amnesty is not extended to enemies of the Philosophe Knights."

Iocaine Powder

Iocaine Powder is a combined zombie/survivor group dedicated to pwning everyone who does in fact smell.

Iocaine Powder maintains a strong presence in Old Arkham, is annoyed at OAR's pretense at owning the suburb, and goes out of its way to mess with OAR whenever possible. Iocaine Powder does not "respect (OAR's) standing as the oldest and largest survivor organization in the suburb." For all we know they may be the oldest, but IP & Friends has two or three times as many members as OAR, thus, OAR is not the largest survivor organization in the suburb. IP claims in particular the southeast section of Old Arkham, and we dare OAR to spend much time in our neighborhood without being eaten by our zombie pets.

Alongside routine maintenance of "door-to-door de-barricading checks" Iocaine Powder fielded a "clubbing team" on September 9th resulting in an OAR massacre at Brain Boulevard Railway Station. Deodorant was distributed to each new corpse, or so it was said. The following day some IP zombies could be heard humming the tune to The Ballad of Brain Boulevard.

Recent intelligence suggests that IP's efforts have been extraordinarily successful against the Reformed Old Arkham Republic, and the latter has considered taking their ball and going home. Once Iocaine Powder gives back the ball, that is.