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Abbreviation: PK13
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: unknown
Goals: unknown
Recruitment Policy: unknown
Contact: unknown

The truth about PK13 is obscured by counter-intelligence, misinformation, and rumors. Anything that is presented here as fact is a result of testimonials from witnesses or circumstantial evidence.

What is PK13 ?

PK13 : Masters of multiple martial arts styles, warriors and black assassins, stealth defense experts favouring covert terrorism and psychological warfare as a means of regaining control and overt destruction through chance only.

PK13 : We are ghosts, forget about us . . . we do NOT exist!

What is the history of PK13 ?

It is believed that this group was originally an off-shoot of another human survivor group called DK13 that was formed as a direct response to the threats and attacks initiated by SWFM. This is substantiated by members of both groups, as well as innocent civilians who were caught in the crossfire of this war.

The war was rather intense for a period of time, waged in several suburbs of southeast Malton. Finally, both groups seemed to have expended their resources and energies and have gone underground.

Who is in PK13 ?

No actual evidence has been presented that identifies any specific members of PK13. There are some speculations as to possible members, but nothing can be verified. Testimonials from people in various groups points to members of DK13 who left and formed PK13, although none of this has ever been proved.

How do they operate ?

Apparently, members of PK13 conduct all of their operations as individual operatives, or at best, splinter cells of 3-4 operatives. Much of the communication linked to PK13 initially was found to be counter-intelligence, meant to mislead SWFM.

An example of this is marking buildings with a red PK13 tag, as shown below in this photograph from the suburb of Miltown.


The use of these tags in specific areas often resulted in members of SWFM making raids on those buildings, only to find that the buildings were empty, or in a few cases, to be ambushed. One particular example involved a member of SWFM assaulting a building tagged with the red PK13 mark. Once inside, the Socialist found himself surrounded by hungry zombies that had been barricaded inside, allegedly by PK13 as a means of ambushing SWFM.

PK13 has also conducted operations across suburban borders in order to best utilize tactical operations. Search and destroy missions were generally successful using this strategy.

Another key operational tactic used by PK13 has been infiltration. In their war with SWFM, they sent in a number (unspecified) of spies to infiltrate and ultimately cause the implosion of SWFM. At one point, the membership of the Socialists was so inflated by the presence of PK13 spies that they believed themselves the undisputed champions of Miltown.

This infiltration technique was soon discovered by SWFM; however, the damage was already done. Several members suspected of being PK13 spies were later purged from SWFM.

How can PK13 be contacted ?

Unlike many other black ops groups, PK13 is not for hire. They were formed out of necessity, and only operate against those who attack first, declare war, or otherwise pose a significant threat to their livelihood.