Pennville Revive Project

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The Pennville Revive project is an effort started by Smoked and others to turn Pennville into a giant revive station for a brief time. Smoked laid out the following rules for this undertaking:

  • Pennville will be a revive station from 10/24-11/7
  • Only victims of the Ridleybank, Stanbury Village, Crowbank and Roftwood attacks are accepted.
  • No zombie or human in Pennville shall attack each other while the revive event is taking place. If a zombie attacks a human, they will be considered hostile and will have no protection. Since zombies are grouped in hordes, all zombies surrounding it will be targeted too. If a human attacks a zombie, it may only be in self defense.
  • Every survivor with a spray can must use it on a building if it has not been tagged already. The spraypaint Must read "No combat in Pennville from 10/24-11/7, revives only." This should be put on every building in Pennville.
  • Zombies that have been unjustly attacked in Pennville between 10/24 and 11/7 may report the human's name here.
  • Barricade levels may stay the same or strengthen, no zombie will have protection if they attack a barricade.

Although the creators knew that fighting would still be present, they asked all players with reviving skills to come to Pennville and all those who want to be human again to also come.


Killed by Mokuji at Methodius General Hospital Palamon 04:51, 1 Nov 2005 (GMT)