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People's Republic of DB

Ministry cabinet of the Republic

Welcome to the ministry cabinet of the People's Republic of DB! Here you can find out a lot of interesting information of People's Republic citizens' life. All the cabinet meetings will be realized here and you can always find shorthands of the meetings. The next meeting's date is not defined yet.

Our ministers

The list of the ministers of People's Republic of DB:

Name Ins. Rank Post Picture Contact
Dub3 Rank8a copy.jpg Vice-Admiral of the Green Citizen Chairman of DB Chairman-logo.png
Dela the Hooda Rank8b copy.jpg Vice-Admiral of the Brown Public Relations Minister Dela2.JPG
Pidaras2 Rank7a copy.jpg Rear-Admiral of the Green Minister of Finance 167039.jpg Secret information
DblBA Rank7b copy.jpg Rear-Admiral of the Brown Minister of the Internal Security 805 1202220793 677.jpg Secret information
Harizmatik Rank7b copy.jpg Rear-Admiral of the Brown Minister of Supply 26815.jpg Secret information
White Sniper Rank6 copy.jpg Commodore Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ggg23.jpg Secret information

Changes in the Ministry Cabinet

Date Commentary
21.06.2010 Sera Greene was deposed by the will of Citizen Chairman

Ministry cabinet meeting #1 (17.10.2008)

"I announce the beginning of the first ministry cabinet meeting. Here are: citizen Chairman Dub3, citizen minister of Finance Pidaras2, citizen Public Relations minister Dela the Hooda, citizen minister of the Internal Security DblBA, and citizen minister of Supply Harizmatik" - an unnamed citizen secretary.

"Good evening, citizens ministers. I am glad to begin the first meeting!" - Your Citizen Chairman

"Good evening, citizen chairman" - Minister of the Internal Security DblBA

"Good evening, citizen chairman" - Public Relations minister Dela the Hooda

"I wonder, where are citizens ministers Pidaras2 and Harizmatik?" - Your Citizen Chairman

"Em, citizen Chairman, I'm afraid, our ministers, are late.." - Minister of the Internal Security DblBA

"That is their problem. Or they want to be shot? If yes, it's your task to organise it, citizen minister" - Your Citizen Chairman

"I hope, I won't need it.They have right to mistake.." - Minister of the Internal Security DblBA

"Really? Is there such a point in our Constitution?" - Your Citizen Chairman

"It will be, citizen Chairman!" - Minister of the Internal Security DblBA

"I hope, I hope... Let's wait a little more." - Your Citizen Chairman

"No more replies. This makes us to think, that th first meeting has ended. The date of the next will be announced" - an unnamed citizen secretary.

Ministry cabinet meeting #2 (Date is not defined)