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Suburb of Pescodside
Rhodenbank Dulston Border
Rolt Heights Pescodside Border
Gibsonton Dunningwood Border
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Pescodside's location in Malton

Resource buildings in Pescodside

Latest EMR:
z: 0~i: ---
p: FMay 03

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Phone Mast: (93,13)

The Farbrother Building


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Known groups in this suburb:
— Survivor Groups —
— Zombie Groups —
— Hostile Groups —
  • Only freelance killers...
— Historic Groups —

Key buildings in Pescodside:

NecroTech Buildings: 3

(91,14) (95,15) (93,11)

Police Departments: 2
Hospitals: 2
Fire Stations: 5
Bulletin Boards: 3
Others: Schools 2, Monuments 1
Suburb Number: 20

Pescodside is a suburb of Malton, located in the northeast corner of the city. Several interesting buildings and locations of note within Pescodside include the Featherstone Library [94,16], the Happy-Happy Fun-Fun Sugar Mill [90,16], the Prior Monument [99,10], and the suburb's holy trinity of churches: St. Odile's Church [94,10], St. Matthias's Church [96,12], and St. Josephine's Church [90,19].

Pescodside - Fun for the whole family!

Before the outbreak Pescodside was known as one of Malton's more culturally-minded suburbs. This was best reflected in the "Museum Mile" which made Pescodside so popular among families in neighboring suburbs. During the outbreak, Pescodside was nearly deserted with most of its inhabitants having been evacuated by military convoy, but even with this being the case not everyone was able to flee Malton before the quarantine was in place, which in some cases included military personnel. Those soldiers and unevacuated civilians became the survivors who now populate the nearly deserted suburb.

In the months that followed groups formed from among the survivor ranks, such as the Sons of Korhal and the Friends of the Featherstone Library, which in turn helped pave the way towards providing security to survivors within the suburb. Of course at the same time threats to humanity were never far away as zombie hordes inexorably flowed into the suburb. Hordes such as the Bela Lugosi Fan Klub and the Drunken Dead marched in from the nearby desolate suburb of Dunningwood and claimed Pescodside as their own. In the ensuing battles control of the suburb changed hands many times with both survivors and zombies alike claiming victory at one time or another. Those days are well remembered and while some groups, like the Drunken Dead and Friends of the Featherstone Library, have withstood the test of time other groups have passed into memory.

The Burchell Arms Regulars, another of the suburb's oldest survivor groups, established the Otto Street revive point in May 2006, continue to sponsor the Clewett Building, and arranged a safe house network in the westside of Pescodside - lasting throughout two attacks from the Big Bash and a separate attack by the Ridleybank Resistance Front. These days, alongside the older groups, new groups vie for control within Pescodside. Among the survivors stand the Pescodside Defense Alliance, Dante's Guard, and Metal Fox. While among the undead the Dead Animals - Redux are currently the only local zombie group. In the wake of larger zombie hordes, like the Militant Order of Barhah and Mall Tour '07, all the survivor groups, both new and old, have been successful in re-establishing survivor dominance in this area. However, the area is now under attack as the most recent target of this year's Big bash. Casualties are beginning to slowly climb as the death tolls are seeming to have a snowball effect. If you visit the suburb, remember, it's always nice to EHB when you visit a neighbor!

Resource Buildings

NecroTech Facilities

The Clewett Building (91,14)

The Inman Building (95,15)

The Waish Building (93,11)


St. Bartholomew's Hospital (98,14)

St. Ninian's Hospital (90,15)

Police Departments

Groser Crescent Police Department (93,18)

Lentell Walk Police Department (97,10)


A factory (90,16)

A factory (95,10)

A factory (96,15)

Auto Repair Shops

Tanner Auto Repair (92,10)


  • None

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Building Status Key

Safe Rebuilding Under Attack Under Siege

Ruined In Zombie Hands Pinata Unknown

Pescodside Information Resources

The Pescodside Building Information Center contains status reports and updates on key buildings in the suburb.

View zombie activity and locations in Pescodside from External Military Reports, Scentoral scan data charts and NecroWatch.

Revive Points

Mermagen Street [94,14] was opened as one of the very first revive points in the suburb, and was patrolled and serviced by the Sons of Korhal. When the Sons disbanded the location fell under the management of the Pescodside Defense Alliance (PDA) who maintain it to this day. This was followed by The Burchell Arms Regulars who have declared Otto Street [91,16] as a revive point maintained by their group. Very recently, a new revive point at Huddlestone Square has been opened by the Malton Carabinieri, although it is currently understaffed until new personnel can be trained and acquire the requisite materials.

On a more historical note, one of the oldest revive points in Pescodside was located at Sirl Plaza [93,10] and was monitored by NecroTech staff stationed at the Waish Building, but since March 2006 it was officially declared inactive. This was in no small part due to the fact that often bored Dulston survivors from Pegrum Place PD would attack zombies awaiting revival at Sirl Plaza making it too hazardous a location.

Recent News

Please: recent news at the top (signed & NPOV). Old news can be archived.

April 2012

April 30th A bunch of the buildings have been ruined by the Angry Vaginas zombie squad, with the survivors mercilessly dragged out and eaten. I'd estimate at least 50% of the buildings ruined. --RevEngEspc 09:13, 30 April 2012 (BST)

April 26th - 25.96 MHz: "... looking quiet in Pescodside ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... infrastructure looks intact ... power's on at the Inman Building ..." - Grakmar 02:33, 27 April 2012 (BST)

March 2012

March 9th - 25.96 MHz: "... streets are looking clear in Pescodside ... a lot of buildings with lights on ... some minor structural damage ... power's on at the Clewett Building ..." --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 17:07, 9 March 2012 (UTC)

March 4th - 25.96 MHz: "... reporting from Pescodside, I've got maybe a dozen active ... all stragglers, no groups ... several buildings with power ... some minor structural damage ... the Inman Building is looking wrecked ..." --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 07:35, 4 March 2012 (UTC)

Things to do while in Pescodside

  • Featherstone Wargame Society - The Featherstone Library and members of the Friends of the Featherstone Library would like to invite all strategy gamers to join them for their weekly wargame sessions. New survivors will learn basic tactics they may one day serve them in real life, that is, if they acquire troops, tanks, artillery, and air support. And for those not keen on gaming, drop by the library and read a book. Have you read a book today?
  • Sugar?... Sugar!... SUGAR!! - Tired? Not finding you have enough energy to survive these days? Well then come on down to the Happy-Happy Fun-Fun Sugar Mill! Children and adults of all ages love sugar, and our patented HH-brand raw red sugar is all-natural thanks to our (legally unpatented) secret recipe. So remember, bring all your children to the mill for a day of fun, why, kids might have so much fun that they may never want to leave*...
*DISCLAIMER: The HH Company is not held liable for any missing children. Parents are asked to monitor their children at all times unless distracted by our helpful staff.
  • The "Museum Mile" - Few suburbs in Malton can boast 6 museums, but Pescodside certainly can. Along with the Pepperell, Nurley, and Masters Museums in nearby Dulston, the Backholer, Sunderland, Keats, and Margetts Museums together form the famous "Museum Mile" which runs from north to south along the west side of the two suburbs. So why not take the day off to relax and visit a museum for a day of culture and education.

Barricade Policy

While not enforced, the Pescodside Barricade Plan is supported by survivors groups within the suburb. As a precaution survivors are advised to review the plan and be aware of potential barricade levels throughout Pescodside. If the barricades at a specific location do not match the plan survivors have the right to lower them, but should know that lowering barricades may draw ire from survivors at that location - especially in the west, where the Burchell Arms Regulars have established and kept to a long term local barricade plan for the area.

Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of Pescodside
Dancey Alley Brokbury Row Fire Station Tanner Auto Repair Sirl Plaza St Odile's Church a factory Whish Way
Lentell Walk Police Dept Leigh Walk
the Prior Monument
the Backholer Museum the Sunderland Museum Farmer Walk the Waish Building Spitter Walk Railway Station Sadley Way Fire Station Huddlestone Square the Jewell Museum Bearcrofte Bank the Petvin Museum
Chaffie Lane School Liminton Plaza Bamford Park Batten Drive Club Godfry Flooks Grove St Matthias's Church the Squires Building Newcombe Towers a junkyard
Witherell Crescent the Lancastle Building Willett Square the Farbrother Building a warehouse Medway Street Acott Crescent Lanning Lane Wyld Towers Morliere Towers
Kempshaw Street the Clewett Building Youl Avenue Railway Station the Holt Building Mermagen Street
Millerd Walk Fire Station Croom Towers the Mapstone Building St Bartholomew's Hospital Hewitt Way
St Ninian's Hospital Gilles Park Ludwell Lane Fire Station the Keats Museum Wedmore Grove the Inman Building a factory Sands Road Foulkes Street
Greenley Alley
a factory Otto Street
Headland Street Fire Station Club Hardyman Featherstone Library Toombs Row Bourder Square Thick Park the Biggs Arms a junkyard
Kitchingman Street Railway Station the Warner Building wasteland the Love Building wasteland the Rayment Arms Gatehouse Road Sellick Lane the Rowson Building the Adkins Motel
Morrhall Alley the Margetts Museum wasteland Groser Crescent Police Dept Rawle Alley a warehouse a carpark Boone Place Couch Boulevard School Caple Library
St Josephine's Church Kemble Lane Railway Station Kearney Drive the Sinclair Motel Tredger Place a junkyard the Mayled Arms a carpark wasteland Winsor Boulevard
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