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Pescodside Defense Alliance

Headquarters - News - Members & Allies - Operations - Pk'er List

PDA Frequency - PDA Revive Point - NecroNet Scans - PDA Owned Buildings

PDA Frequency

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 29.00 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: PDA Buildings

The PDA transmits on the radio frequency 29.00 MHz. The only time this channel is open to non-authorized members is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. In case of zombie breach or cell uprising (PKing), you are not to use the radio for anything less. The PDA leaders reserve the right to deny you radio access and in extreme cases dismissal on account of radio abuse. In case of a radio emergency you are to transmit with the following message format "PDA (name of cell) to PDA Holt/Farbrother; (state emergency); (name of message sender)"

Authorized members are all members above 3rd officer rank, above scout, and any member in the Social Affairs division.

Example: PDA Youl to PDA Holt; zombie breach, two casualties, send assistance; Lemonhead7t7

PDA Revive Point

The PDA sponsored revive point in Pescodside is Mermagen Street (94,14). Survivors are asked to wait there and the PDA will send someone to revive you as soon as we are able. However, PDA members are a priority, as are scientists who may be carrying syringes and might be able to help revive even more undead survivors. To facilitate even faster revives please use the revive tool to log a formal request for revival.

People who abuse our revive point, either by purposely clogging up the queue with their rotted brains, or by using the waiting undead survivors for some target practice, will be shot on sight if caught there for either of those purposes. The PDA does not take kindly to those who mess with its services.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

NecroNet Scans

The Pescodside Defense Alliance has a daily/weekly NecroNet Scan system founded by Lemonhead7t7. He placed Ottari, well-known Zombiologist and highly renowned member of the PDA, in charge of the program. Now at least once a week (or sometimes month) a scan and status update will be posted here for the public.

The Inman Building

NecroNet Scan:

Status Report: All clear on the southeastern front. Report posted at 2:00 AM EST on November 29th, 2007. -Ottari

The Clewett Building

NecroNet Scan:

Status Report: A lone zombie stands across the border in Rolt Heights. The first sign of a wave to come, or the last of the undead fleeing the NE corner? Report posted at 2:O0 AM EST on September 9th, 2007 -Ottari

The Waish Building

NecroNet Scan:

Status Report: The Dulston/Pescodside border is safe and silent once more. Report posted at 02:00 AM EST on November 29th, 2007. -Ottari

PDA Owned Buildings

The Farbrother Building (HQ) EHB
Commanding Officer: Lemonhead7t7
Other Members:

  • Dawns Enigma
  • Bob Runslikehell

The Holt Building EHB
Commanding Officer: Jurai
Other Members:

  • Freakshow2147

Millerd Walk Fire Station EHB
Commanding Officer: Osko751
Other Members:

  • Hubdra
  • firamaster

Warehouse VSB+2 (next to the Farbrother Building)
Commanding Officer: Rhuster
Other Members:

  • Rhuster

The Inman Building EHB
Commanding Officer: Grigori 24
Other Members:

  • MoKitty

The Keats Museum EHB
Commanding Officer: Sgt Spooge
Other members:

  • Mika Jolicueur

Club Hardyman EHB
Commanding Officer: Chiya1
Other Members:

Pescodside Safehouse Map
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
The Farbrother Building
The Holt Building
a warehouse
Millerd Walk Fire Station
The Inman Building
The Keats Museum
Club Hardyman
Survivor Safehouse


Committees are just one of the many ways the PDA likes to help its community. Each committee has a specific task, and any member can be in as many comittees as they wish. In a committee each member is considered equal (except in the Leadership comittee) and things are accomplished by voting.

Leadership Committee
The Leadership Committee will be composed of the Leaders, Co-Leaders, Generals, High Officers, Surgeon Generals, and Diplomats, as well as any other member appointed by the Leaders. They will discuss major policy revisions, and decide on acts of war.

  • Lemonhead7t7
  • Jurai
  • osko751
  • DjOokami

Pk Database Committee
The PK Database Committee will update and maintain the PDA Pk'er List.

  • Chiya1

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee will create awards, and take in nominations, as well as vote on who recieves which award.

  • osko751
  • Jurai
  • palsykillz
  • DjOokami

Recruit Committee
The Recruit Committee will run recruiting campaigns, and process new recruits into the PDA.

  • DjOokami

Wiki Committee
The Wiki Committee will be in charge of updating and maintaining the wiki.

  • Lemonhead7t7
  • Chiya1

Punishment Committee
The Punishment Committe will decide what punishments members will recieve, when the mess up.

  • osko751
  • palsykillz

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