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This is not a place to create your own Pker List; please use either your group subpage or place one in your own namespace using Special:MYPAGE/PKList or something similar.


A Pker (or Player Killer) is generally viewed as a survivor character who kills other survivors rather than zombies (for zombies the equivalent would be a Zker, although these aren't as heavily persecuted as PKers). In order to keep tabs on these players (and to exact revenge of sorts) many groups and individual players maintain their own lists so that they can keep a note of those they should watch out for and, if possible, avoid reviving.

There are two main publicly available PKer lists (both located off site; there is currently no publicly maintained list on the wiki) which anyone can report and claim the bounty of Player Killers. Both these lists require screenshot proof and a link to the killer's profile. There are additional requirements and there are some things that will be accepted as a report on one but not on the other. It's probably a good idea to double check and make sure that your evidence will be accepted by the lists moderators before you report it.

  • The Rogues Gallery - This is based on Brainstock and was originally set up by the DEM. It is now an independently run list with its own set of moderators. It also links into the DEM's revive tool allowing PKers who request a revive to be flagged up. More information can be found on the list's wiki page.
  • Resensitized Pker List - This list was originally set up on the old Desensitised boards and was moved by Token Black Man to Resensitized following the former board's closure. They have a different manner of accepting reports than the Rogues Gallery and won't accept 3rd Party reports. They do accept assaults. Again, read the information provided before submitting a report.

More detailed information on reporting PKers can be found here as well as links to other public lists.

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