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Suggestions System Closed
UDWiki's Suggestions section has been closed indefinitely, as per this policy vote. This page remains here as a historical archive.

Please direct any general suggestion discussion to Developing Suggestions.

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Voting on Previous Days

You may vote on any Suggestion on any page under OPEN VOTING as long as the VOTING ENDS date has not passed. Suggestions ending soonest are at the top. Once the voting period for a given page is over, it will move to CLOSED VOTING.

Remember that sometimes this page is updated pretty late (up to 1 month late has been seen). So check the date where the voting ends before voting (else your vote will not count)

Notes for Editors

The following are the steps for moving the next day (first draft):

  1. Move newly ended grouping to bottom of page, change "ENDS" to "ENDED", remove red font highlight
  2. Ensure first three upcoming to end are highlighted in red font
  3. Add one more date to the list.
  4. Edit the ended one - replace {{Previous Suggestion Intro}} with {{Closed Suggestion Intro}} and change "ENDS" to "ENDED".


  • Suggestions with a strike-through have been either removed by the authors, removed as dupes or moved to discussion due to a rule breach.
  • Suggestions in italics have been either spaminated or moved to humorous suggestions.


Please wait until the entire months suggestions have been closed before archiving them as shown in the next section. Thank you.

Archived Suggestions

Further suggestions are made in the new system