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From the lunatics who brought you the Quartly Lecture Series, the Reading is for Rotters program, the Quartly Museum Quest, and the inspiration behind the New Arkham Free Zone...

Everyone is invited to the Quartly Study Group's latest shenanigan... a Talent Show to be held May 1st - 8th! extended...

The show is being held at the Quartly Library in Roftwood [66,52]. Library doors are open for all, undead and living alike.



All prizes have been donated by friends and residents of Quartly Library.

Fine winter hat knitted by Mz. Tonin
Travel-size Scrabble set from Dr. Kimba
Broken pencil from MoreThanDork
1993 Topps card of Mookie Blaylock from MoreThanDork
Book of poetry (T.S. Eliot) from MoreThanDork
Gift certificate to Best Buy ($12.93 remaining) from BRANAGAN
Giant flying zombie cockroach (in a jar and with optional small dog leash) from jambosque
Ignoti's original fire axe, etched with the words of Malthus
A fluffy white towel from Shadowan
Small unframed canvas watercolor of One Angry Zed's anger
Signed first editions of Charles Darwin's books The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex and The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
Paddleball game, also from Darwin
An Angry Hamish the Cheese Eating Scotsman Doll with Kilt Lifting Action, from elgala
Crowbar signed by Gordon Freeman, from jambosque
Gore Girl donates a night in the large print annex, with all the accoutrements
A really old Gameboy Color, with a copy of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. and an AC adapter, from BRANAGAN
Merlynn donates the services of his ferret ("He runs up legs. Extremely useful.")
The complete Encyclopedia Britannica from Trushalo
A subscription to Science (though the mail is rather unreliable these days) also from Trushalo
A can of Spam from imdwalrus
Flickman666's "Vapor buddy" vaporizer pipe
A museum piece of your choice to be placed in the building of your choice from buddhagazelle.
A mention in the Malton Gazette, along with a tour of Gazette headquarters and an invitation to join as a journalist, from the Gazette and thegreathal.
An authentic Byzantine icon of St. George slaying the Dragon, gold leaf on olive wood, handcrafted by the Orthodox brothers of Meteora and donated by Sirkus.

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