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(Changed slightly to prevent it from breaking once every three days)
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|case: 09=9
|case: 09=9
|case: 10=10
|case: 10=10
|case: 11=12
|case: 11=11
|case: 12=13
|case: 12=12
|case: 13=14
|case: 13=13
|case: 14=15
|case: 14=14
|case: 15=16
|case: 15=15
|case: 16=17
|case: 16=16
|case: 17=18
|case: 17=17
|case: 18=19
|case: 18=18
|case: 19=20
|case: 19=19
|case: 20=21
|case: 20=20
|case: 21=22
|case: 21=21
|case: 22=23
|case: 22=22
|case: 23=24
|case: 23=23
|case: 25=26
|case: 24=24
|case: 26=27
|case: 25=25
|case: 27=28
|case: 26=26
|case: 28=29
|case: 27=27
|case: 29=30
|case: 28=28
|case: 29=29

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A Message of Hope...

Let me ask you something humans.

Isn't about time that you were rewarded for all your hard work?

Isn't about time for you to get your slice of the Great Maltonian Dream?

Then come to Ridleybank, and experience everything that is perfect and wonderful in Malton.

In Ridleybank, we have made something more than a suburb. We have constructed the perfect zombie-human utopia, a place to raise a family, chase your fears away and finally experience life as it was meant to be.

And it has never been a better time than now to call Ridleybank home. For the next year, we anticipate new openings for hardworking, industrious humans to become part of our cherished family. Even more exciting, all immigrating families are eligible for our first-time indoctrination program, at half the cost. Those are real savings for real, hardworking, Maltonian families.

But only if you act now.

Opportunity is knocking Malton.

Come claim your own piece of utopia before it is too late.

-Speaker for the Undead