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|case: 09=9
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|case: 10=10
|case: 11=12
|case: 11=11
|case: 12=13
|case: 12=12
|case: 13=14
|case: 13=13
|case: 14=15
|case: 14=14
|case: 15=16
|case: 15=15
|case: 16=17
|case: 16=16
|case: 17=18
|case: 17=17
|case: 18=19
|case: 18=18
|case: 19=20
|case: 19=19
|case: 20=21
|case: 20=20
|case: 21=22
|case: 21=21
|case: 22=23
|case: 22=22
|case: 23=24
|case: 23=23
|case: 25=26
|case: 24=24
|case: 26=27
|case: 25=25
|case: 27=28
|case: 26=26
|case: 28=29
|case: 27=27
|case: 29=30
|case: 28=28
|case: 29=29

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A Message of Hope...

Several days ago, I was asked if the policies of RRF regarding human prisoners captives refugees cattle violated the Geneva conventions.

We are asked this a lot, and in my experience, it is a pretty common misunderstanding.

The RRF is not at war. We never have been at war. We have never engaged in a single, hostile act against our human neighbors, whom we have come to both respect and cherish.

We have been, and always will be, a force of peace in Malton.

We are here not to create strife, but to bridge communities and shelter humans from those who seek to destroy them.

We are here to promote a new era of understanding and cooperation between humans and their ruthless zombie overlords. Prisoners? Captives? Refugees? These words have no meaning here in Ridleybank because we see humans as our equals.

So Malton, over the coming weeks when our roving Death Squads enter your home suburbs in order to purge all human life from your streets, please welcome them.

Welcome them with open arms because they are ambassadors of peace.

Do not run. Do not be scared.

We are here to build a better tomorrow.

-Speaker for the Undead


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