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|case: 09=9
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|case: 10=10
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|case: 13=14
|case: 13=13
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|case: 14=14
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|case: 15=15
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|case: 16=16
|case: 17=18
|case: 17=17
|case: 18=19
|case: 18=18
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|case: 19=19
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|case: 20=20
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|case: 21=21
|case: 22=23
|case: 22=22
|case: 23=24
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|case: 25=25
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|case: 26=26
|case: 28=29
|case: 27=27
|case: 29=30
|case: 28=28
|case: 29=29

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A Message of Hope...

A few days ago, an elderly woman asked me what are the best things to take when relocating to Ridleybank.

This is a good question, and one we get frequently.

Even though Ridleybank represents the penultimate, perfect utopia, and has everything a zombie and a zombie-food source could ever want, we still advise humans moving to the area to bring along a few things to help their integration into our perfect society.

Babies. Defenseless, elderly family members. Maps, directions, and floor plans of nearby safehouses.

All these are things that will help make your life more comfortable as you begin the glorious transition from a life of emptiness to one full of opportunity and harmony. Rest assured Malton, we will be there to help you along this beautiful path that you have chosen.

In Ridleybank, you will never be alone.

In our family, you will be protected.

In our family, you will never sleep in fear.

-Speaker for the Undead