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A Message of Hope...

I am thankful today, Malton.

Do you know why?

I am thankful that I live here, in Ridleybank, where I am surrounded by like-minded humans and zombies who understand what it means to build a community.

These have been desperate times for our Great City. We all know someone who has been hit hard by the faltering economy, and we all know friends and families who have struggled to make ends meet.

But we have been lucky here in Ridleybank. Last year, when thousands starved around us, we feasted on the remains of humans all too happy to give their life to help us achieve our dreams. We have endured when others have faltered. We have weathered the storm.

And, now, it is time for us to give back to the city that has done so much for us.

We will rebuild what has been destroyed this last year. We will reach out to those suburbs less fortunate, and help them discover the accomplishments that can happen when zombies and humans decide to work together. From this day forward, no zombie will go hungry again, and no human will breathe again.

Be patient Malton.

Together we will make you Great once again.

-Speaker for the Undead