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|case: 09=9
|case: 09=9
|case: 10=10
|case: 10=10
|case: 11=12
|case: 11=11
|case: 12=13
|case: 12=12
|case: 13=14
|case: 13=13
|case: 14=15
|case: 14=14
|case: 15=16
|case: 15=15
|case: 16=17
|case: 16=16
|case: 17=18
|case: 17=17
|case: 18=19
|case: 18=18
|case: 19=20
|case: 19=19
|case: 20=21
|case: 20=20
|case: 21=22
|case: 21=21
|case: 22=23
|case: 22=22
|case: 23=24
|case: 23=23
|case: 25=26
|case: 24=24
|case: 26=27
|case: 25=25
|case: 27=28
|case: 26=26
|case: 28=29
|case: 27=27
|case: 29=30
|case: 28=28
|case: 29=29

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A Message of Hope...

A week ago, a survivor asked me who to contact about collecting the possessions of family members killed while relocating to the peaceful utopia of Ridleybank.

Such questions lead me to believe that there are many of you who do not fully understand the society we are building in Ridleybank.

To my knowledge, not one human has ever been harmed while in Ridleybank. And indeed, how could they be, for violence, of any kind, has been banned from the suburb for the better part of a year?

We are simply one family, composed of both survivors and zombies, committed to building a better tomorrow.

To answer your question, you may want to check the Lost and Found. If you are entering Ridleybank from the south, it should be on your left, past the Human Liquidation Factories but before the electric cages.

-Speaker for the Undead