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A Message of Hope...

Several of you have written to ask about this perfect future that we are building for all humans in Malton.

I wish I could tell you Malton, I really do.

But it has to be experienced.

Rest assured, humans, it will change your life forever.

Sickness. Poverty. Fighting. Hatred.

If you are willing to take the next step and join us, you will never encounter these things again. You will never have to experience the pain of watching a loved one being disemboweled in front of you ever again.

Leave your old life behind, come to Ridleybank and experience perfection. Join us as we welcome you to utopia. That is what we offer Malton, to those courageous enough to join our family.

A chance to be a part of a community.

A chance to experience true freedom.

But the path will not be easy. You will face many obstacles during your transformation from human to mangled corpse to purified zombie. For the faithful, the reward cannot be measured.


The dream can be yours.

-Speaker for the Undead.