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A Message of Hope...

On this great day, the anniversary of when Petrosjko was inspired to open the gates of Ridleybank and create a community where zombies and survivors from all walks of life could live together in harmony, I am reminded of the sacrifices we have all made to achieve this perfect utopia:

  • The sweat and labor to erect the Moggridge and Rodgers Family Human slave pens.
  • The hundreds of humans we lost the first winter before we learned the secrets of sustainable, human resource management.

But I am also reminded of our achievements. I am reminded of what makes our little community so great, why it was worth the years of sacrfice to bring together all these zombies and humans that I have come to call "family."

  • The construction of the great Petrosjko statue, built with the bones of humans ecstatic to know they have accomplished more in death than ever in life.
  • The five year anniversary of being revive free in Malton.
  • Father/Daughter human massacre day.

This is why we are special, Malton.

This is what you are missing.

-Speaker for the Undead