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A Message of Hope...

Let me ask you a question survivors.

And be honest.

When is the last time you went outside?

As I sit here in Ridleybank, looking around our perfect suburb, with the sunlight coming through our pristine windows, I am reminded exactly what makes our perfect zombie society so great.

Freedom. Fresh air. Sunlight. Humans roasting slowly outside on a spit.

And we want to share these experiences with all of you. We want all of you to experience the simple joys in life, joys that we, and our human slaves, take for granted everyday.

You do not have to live in the darkness. You do not have to live inside in fear

Come to Ridleybank, and join our perfect society, where zombies and humans live together in perfect harmony.

Do you not owe it to yourself to be happy Malton?

-Speaker for the Undead