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A Message of Hope...

Today a young mother in her holding cell asked me why Ridleybank is overrun with zombies. She even suggested that our glorious zombie leaders offer nothing but pointless genocide for Malton, and that the city was better off before the Great Cleansing.

Nothing could be farther from the truth Malton.

The zombies are here because humanity has failed Malton. The zombies are here because humanity has destroyed everything that was once beautiful about this city.

And we have come to fix that Malton. Here, in Ridleybank, you can already see the beginnings of a beautiful utopia.

We have reduced survivor overcrowding. We have brought peace back to downtown. With the hundreds of mass graves located around Ridleybank, we now have ample biomass to fuel our power stations, and build our armies.

All of this we have done for you, not as means to consolidate power into the hands of our perfect zombie leaders, but because deep down inside, we care about this city and we care about you.

Together we can achieve greatness, for humans and zombies alike.

Together, we can kill every human who dares to oppose achieving this perfect dream.

-Speaker for the Undead


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