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A Message of Hope...

For those of you who have yet to join our perfect community, I ask that you consider the following.

When is the last time that you slept without fear?

The fear of knowing that your life could end at any moment?

It is in recognition of this danger that led many of us to create a new community for those tired of living in fear in Malton.

A place where zombies and humans could live together, work together, and grow old together. A place built on the foundations of peace, where nothing is taken for granted and where everything -- tools, water, human body parts -- are shared freely by community members who call each other "family."

We call this perfect society "Ridleybank." We hope that you will call it "Home."

Come to central Malton and experience a different way of life.

Come to Ridleybank and sleep soundly for the first time in your life.

-Speaker for the Undead