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A Message of Hope...

Recently, I have received complaints from humans relocating to central Malton that the Greater Ridleybank area is not the perfect, peaceful utopia that I have promised.

Patience my soon-to-be-killed cattle. Patience.

Not every survivor can adjust right away to life in Ridleybank, where humans are nothing more than a nuisance to be crushed under our feet.

Like many things in life, you will have to work a little before you can experience the greatness that is occupied, downtown Malton. And like most things, I think you will find that your hard work will be rewarded with acceptance into a community that loves each and every one of you.

Eternal happiness. Safety. The ideal place to raise a family.

All this and more can be yours once you join our perfect, peaceful society here in Ridleybank.

We look forward to you becoming part of our family.

-Speaker for the Undead