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A Message of Hope...

Now let me tell you something that has left me deeply concerned about the future of our Great City.

Yesterday I was walking around Greater Ridleybank when I came across a group of ferals massacring a human family trapped inside a van. Even now, I can remember their screams, their cries of terror as their loved ones died around them. And that's when I saw it on the ground.

A crushed soda can.


In my Ridleybank.

Is this how the humans repay our neverending kindness?

With trash?

I am concerned Malton. I am concerned about tomorrow. I am concerned that our children will not be able to experience the joys of shambling outside, enjoying the clean air and pristine scenery of our perfect Ridleybank utopia.

Ridleybank has given so much to us, and it asks for so little. We must all do our part -- both humans and zombies -- in ensuring that what makes this place so special is passed on to future generations. We must take care of what we have inherited from our zombie fathers and mothers, and our freeze-dried human snacks.

Let's keep Malton clean.

Let's preserve our future.

-Speaker for the Undead


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