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Ransack the dustbins!
Ransack the dustbins!
Abbreviation: RTD
Group Numbers: 10 and hoping that you join!
Leadership: flip499,darkesthour1,satch hell
Recruitment Policy: Open to all zombies willing to override humans starting from shore hills!
Contact: Contact .Ransack the dustbins.at flip499@gmail.com]

Who are .ransack the dustbins!.?

We are poeple like you trying to make zombies a little bit more violent and effective and we are recruiting any zombie willing to come and join us in shore hills to start spreading the ransack plague.

Les Francais sont les bienvenus !

dustbins mail

Ransack the dusbins! can be contacted at flip499@gmail.com or wardelido@hotmail.com or here in the discussion page.

How do I join Ransack the dustbins?

We want to hear from you !!!

Contact us on flip499@gmail.com or even better talk in the page's discussion thumbnail on top of the page

What we offer:

organisation and players so that we have no trouble taking town suburbs

Come over and be a part of the Ransack the dustbins! team. You're one step away from making a difference !

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Goals and Guidelines

(we are starting the dustbin riot in shore hills at maul row police departement 36,56)

As a member of Ransack the dustbins, your main goal is to join us in shore hills so we can build a big army of darkness and start ransacking around maul row police dept

  • Have fun - this is very important: We are all here to have fun. We're all here on our spare time and use UrbanDead to unwind. If you're getting frustrated or feeling pissed off at something related to the game, then take a step back and remember why you first came here - because it's a nice, free, zombie game accessible via browser where you can't ever permanently die. If we make our own fun, then remember that taking part in the fun making is the first step to helping everyone enjoy the game!
  • Support each other: Render whatever assistance or support you can to other Ransack the dustbins!personnel in your area.
  • destroying barricades: in order to ransack evrything around we must destroy as much barricades around us as we can.
  • Checking for breaches: as soon as you see a breach mail us or if you use eye witness make a report.but an e-mail is much appreciated.forum is still under construction
  • Scouting: Keep an eye on the general human population in your area. Report sightings in the appropriate places (mail or forum(still in progress)).
  • Recruit: Don't be shy. Let people know you are with Ransack the dustbins!and provide the wiki url. If you aren't the talkative type, just provide the URL for the wiki and let them know people here will be happy to answer questions. The more personnel the group has at it's disposal, the more good we can do to destroy the community!

we are trying to do this right now

  • we currently are assembling and attacking maul row police departement 36,56)

Maul Row Police Department

Maul Row Police Dept

Shore Hills [36,56]

wasteland a warehouse Chyke Avenue
a warehouse Maul Row Police Dept the Waddams Arms
Towning Street wasteland Teek Boulevard Police Dept

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


You are standing outside Maul Row Police Dept, a large white-stone building criss-crossed with police tape.

Barricade Policy

From what I understand, Maul Row should be kept only at VS so that new players can still have access. --Ryiis 16:23, 20 June 2007 (BST)

Current Status


Maul Row Police Department
VHB, lit
Zmflavius | talk | AMS 14:37, 24 June 2020 (UTC)

Suburb Map

The Suburb of Shore Hills
the Kemmis Building the Lodge Motel Gwinn Bank the Barrell Monument Simper Row Havenhand Walk Came Place Herrington Drive a carpark Grayland Street School
Fih Bank Stroude Bank Shearston Walk the Horner Building a junkyard Ponting Plaza the Botting Building Stower Row Lanhdon Grove Rio Avenue Railway Station
the Brennand Building Yelling Street the Paull Building Bassence Row Fire Station Arbery Walk Burlton Walk the Ashford Arms Orman Way Sandy Towers a warehouse
a factory the Cran Monument the Sainsbury Building wasteland the Reading Building Clegg Cinema Tompsett Walk wasteland Beable Lane Wing Street
St. Hormisdas's Church a cemetery Auston Walk the Locock Building Comber Walk the Barwood Building Butson Boulevard School Crawley Auto Repair the Hardinge Arms Wadham Cinema
Kirwan Alley School Hawke Row Rason Auto Repair Nurse Lane Fathers Street wasteland a warehouse Chyke Avenue Ayshe Boulevard the Poulter Building
Fudge Road Crape Drive Mitchell Drive Gridley Crescent the Boait Arms a warehouse Maul Row Police Department the Waddams Arms the Randle Monument (RP) a junkyard
Shorey Place Tyrrell Plaza School the Longman Building the Pittman Building the Spurway Hotel Towning Street wasteland Teek Boulevard Police Department Auston Walk James General Hospital
Doyle Street the Flagg Monument Gaye Towers Club Chalderwood Stephens Street Carslake Towers Squibbs Row Bushrod Square St. Teresa's Church wasteland
Templer Street the Colesworthy Monument the Crofts Arms the Zeally Arms Burlton Park the Thornhill Museum Foote Park wasteland Danford Square a cemetery

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