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We are an highly organized survivor group. Based mainly in Osmondville though also Northern Pennville and Eastern Gulsonside. It is one of the few survivor groups that is a group in reality rather than just in name (to be one of us, we require a decent teamplay of you)

How we roll

Reclaimer sentinels carry out organized operations on zed infested buildings with far greater success than the usual un-coordinated attacks favored by most survivors. If you see an ® spraypainted in a structure or place, it means we usually patrol the area actively.

Find us

To join this group talk to any of the members likely to be found in

Brockliss_Grove_Police_Department in South West Osmondville Otherwise broadcast, with

your id on 26.99MHz. All new members who are not past-rotters are accepted (no exceptions).


Banded together in the autumn of 2012, slowly repairing the ruins of northern Pennville and Osmondville.

2014, Area facing hard zed aggression by a zed cult. Knights Templar showed up and assisted. Big thanks to the Templars helping us hold the ground.

2014, A joint effort with Knights Templar to reclaim Blesley raised some small successes but unable to hold mall area due to high zed infestation.


Currently assisting survivors and seeking more ablebodied to secure our area. We work close together, and expect high standards from our sentinels.

To Reclaim Blesley_Mall

To safeguard and protect those in our area.