Reformed Old Arkham Republic

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Reformed Old Arkham Republic
Arkham town line1.JPG
Abbreviation: ROAR
Group Numbers: 20 and growing
Leadership: Megaduce
Goals: The protection and rebuilding of Old Arkham
Recruitment Policy: Stand in line for the bathroom
Contact: [1]

Reformed Old Arkham Republic (ROAR) is a survivor group based in the southwestern suburb of Old Arkham. Anyone who is willing is welcome to join the cause. Together we help defend and clean up one of the oldest sectors of Malton. Survivors from all over the city have traveled here to help out. ROAR works with the SW Malton Crusaders that includes smaller groups and independents.


ROAR accepts members of any level and profession, from any suburb in Malton. Once you join up, we ask you to make your way to the southwest suburbs and help the effort there. To join ROAR, the historical ROAR board can be found at [2] The more active SW Malton Crusaders' board can be found at [3].

We accept all survivors - even those with zombie offensive combat skills.

Aims & Objectives

  • Clearing all zombies from the streets and buildings of Old Arkham.
  • Providing back-up, medical care and revivification for all members.
  • Maintaining electricity for hospitals and the suburb phone mast.
  • Maintaining order in Old Arkham, and persecuting those who attack their fellow survivors.

Radio Contact

New radio equipment set up and will be monitored and broadcasts will commence soon ---

The members of the ROAR will monitor the following radio frequencies (at least one group member will have this tuned on their radio):

  • 26.14 MHz - General frequency for District SW-4 (includes: Nixbank, Foulkes Village, Ruddlebank, New Arkham, and Old Arkham)
  • 27.46 MHz - ROAR group frequency