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We are the Renegade Brigade a pro-survivor group, one of the most active and experienced groups you will find on Urban Dead. A good group for new players and experienced veterans alike, all that we ask is for you to be active and follow our few and common sense guidelines. Survivors may be able to operate individually, or small groups, which is effective as we can communicate and organize easier. We usually let you do as please, with exceptions on PKing and zerging (read our group page for more info). If interested, post something on our group or recruiting discussion page, or contact the group's General, Sixclaw. We are currently located in South Blythville, though we may roam a bit around the general area near South Blythville. Join now, and ask to be a Captain or possibly Major if you are interested in a commanding position.

Main radio frequency coming soon!

Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to do so ASAP, you may be given a position as Captain, or Major, which is second in command to the General. There may only be one major for now, but could be bumped up as we expand. You can request any position (Captain or Major) for now, though getting one likely depends on your XP and real-life experience in playing the game. All starting members will be rank-and-file soldiers; it is NOT necessary, though to be military class to join, scientists and civilians will be encouraged, in fact . Alts and zergs will not be accepted, period. If you want to join us only ONE character per person in our group. Thank you for searching us up.

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