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{{Revivification Requests}}
{{Revivification Requests}}
==Don't Revive at Random==
With the amount of AP that is costs to make or find a revivification needle and then the cost of using it why should you risk wasting that needle on a zombie with [[Brain Rot]]? If you see graffiti at the RP indicating a request list for your location, or if the location is listed below with a link to a list, check that queue first. You can also check one of the [[Revivification_Request#Tools|request tools]] for requests at that location (many locations specify one of these tools directly). Requests are shared across those tools so you only need to check one of them. Not got time to check one of the tools and you don't have a [[Useful_Items#DNA_Extractor|DNA Extractor]] then you should at least wait a zombie Mrh?'s before attempting to revive them.
[[Image:Reggieboy.jpg|frame|none|[[Random Revive Policy]] ]]
== Sacred Ground Policy ==
== Sacred Ground Policy ==

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What is a Revivification Point?

A revivification point, or revive point, is any location which is regularly checked by one or more NecroTech employees, at which zombies who do not wish to remain undead gather to await revivification by the use of a syringe. Most revivification points are maintained as a standing location somewhere near one or more necrotech buildings, generally set on open ground (though not always), and are nearly always marked as such with graffiti. The surrounding area often has directional graffiti to help zombies find their way. Other times an organized group may establish a temporary location that is agreed upon by members of the group.

NecroTech employees monitoring an active location will regularly check to see if zombies are present awaiting revival. While most locations listed below point out a request management tool or forum to list your profile at, you may also try saying 'Mrh?' if you see a survivor at the location with you to express your interest in being revived. If you don't see a revive point near you on the list below, use the map to find a nearby cemetery or necrotech building and look for signs of a revive point.

Please refer to the List of Revivification Points to find an actively maintained RP close to you.

Important Notes

You must be standing in order to be revived in this game! This means you must periodically log in with your character and stand up if someone has killed you. This also prevents you from timing out of the game, which happens after five days. However syringes are automatically used on the zombie in the stack who has spent the longest time since logging in, so it can be detrimental to check on your character too much.

It is pointless to wait at a revive point if the people operating it are all dead. Look at the surrounding buildings, particularly Necrotech buildings (The Malton Suburb Map is useful for finding these) - if they are not barricaded and powered you may not get a revive anytime soon, so consider moving to a new location. If the number of zombies at the revive point is in the dozens you may also want to consider moving. Use the Suburb Danger Report and suburb map to find a safer place and go there before posting yourself on a revive tool.

Do not attack revivers if you want to get revived. This can get you added to a "no-revive" list. Saying "Mrh?" is an accepted way to request a revive if a reviver is present.

Request A Revive

Don't just stand around and be a Mrh? Cow! Use the Revivification Request tools available and make life easier on the NT trained personnel servicing your chosen RP! This will also get you revived much faster! Be sure to use them at an actual revive point and not just a random spot on the map.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

Sacred Ground Policy

According to the Sacred Ground Policy, all cemeteries in Malton are to be considered revive points, but the policy may not be supported by groups in all suburbs. It is best to check the pages of groups operating in the suburb you are attempting to get a revive in to find out whether or not the Sacred Ground Policy is being respected by players in that area.


Setting up an RP

While in theory a Revivification Point could be located anywhere, there are some general guidelines that will make them more likely to be successful. First off, don't just check to see if there is an RP in your suburb first, but look in your neighbors as well. Creating an RP 2 blocks from an NT building on the border, when that building is already supporting a different one a couple blocks away in the suburb next door probably isn't a good plan. And of course you should be sure to actually scout, in game, all the NT buildings in your area to see if there are any de facto RP's on the ground that just haven't been listed. you may also want to see if there are any other groups working in the area that would help support a new RP, and get their input first, before you decide on a location.

Don't locate your RP on top of a building! Although there are a couple churches that have been successful as RPs, it is generally highly discouraged and usually counter-productive. Since survivors defending the location can't tell which zombies are attacking and which are waiting for a revive, they are likely to kill all the zombies indiscriminately. You will probably also see your tags get overwritten regularly. This is particularly true when trying to start an RP on a resource building. Also note that the DEM Revivification Request tool will not include any RP's listed as being located at a mall, hospital, NecroTech building , police department, fire station, school or auto repair shop.

OK, so you have scouted everything out and are looking at open spaces in your area of interest. Ideally an RP will be within 2 blocks of an NT building. Even better if it's within 2-4 blocks of a second one as well. Having two NT buildings working on a single RP allows one to be barricaded beyond Very Strongly Barricaded, making it easier to defend a generator in the second, as well as allowing NT's to switch between the two if one is being actively assaulted, without completely making the RP lose functionality. Having the primary (closest) NT building for your RP also be near other resource buildings and safe-houses clustered in proximity also increases the likelihood of being able to find support for your RP if the NT buildings servicing it are assaulted.

Another wise idea is to keep an eye out for cemeteries or parks within range of an NT building. Commonly these areas are believed to have a higher chance of getting revived, so if there is one next to your NT building of choice, centralize your RP there. There's no point designating an RP on the road or wasteland next door, as you'll find zombies will divide their attention to both and make it harder for diligent NT employee to work.

Finally, keep information on your Revive Point current on the list below. This information is used in other places, including the Revive Radar and DEM revive request tool. Make sure you sign any information with the date. Any points which have not been updated in 2 weeks will have their status changed to 'Unknown', and points which have been 'Inactive' or 'Unknown' for a month may be removed from the list.

Indoor Revive Points

Some survivor groups have begun to look at the viability of Indoor revive points in the wake of the rise in AP costs of syringes. Churches seem the most logical candidate because church doors cannot be closed; therefore even a low level zombie without Memories of Life can debarricade and get in.

Please note that reviving zombies with brain rot is impossible unless it is done in a powered NecroTech building by a scientist with Necronet access.


Indoor revive points:

  • allow revivers to free run to adjacent safe houses for only 1 AP
  • make great entry points to Extremely Heavily Barricaded safehouses since--due to ransacking--they are practically invulnerable to overbarricading when in use by large numbers of zombies
  • are not visible from the street, and therefore do not draw survivors looking for a fight
  • are not as obvious as revive points (unless they are famous ones) to attacking zombies, since the zombies do not see a large number of zombies standing in a clump
  • brain rotted zombies are discouraged from camping in them, as they cannot hear feeding groans from inside


  • are difficult to maintain
  • are sometimes cleared by survivors who think the revive point is just a breached building
  • are particularly frustrating for zombies who get cleared out of the building since instead of just having to stand up they now have to get back in
  • require more frequent and more extensive tagging in the area since the concept of indoor revive points is not well known
  • put zombie spies who don't know the area well directly into the free running network, saving the time and AP they would normally have to use to find an entry point.


Community Announcements

The Revivification Point list has been moved to List of Revivification Points. The last version of the list from this page is now Archived.

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