Rhodenbank Barricade Plan

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TinyURL to this page: http://tinyurl.com/R-BankPlan

This is the Barricade Plan for the suburb of Rhodenbank.

This diagram shows what levels buildings should ideally be barricaded to in order to provide protection in the form of Extremely Heavily Barricaded buildings, whilst designating entry points in the form of Very Strongly Barricaded buildings. Please note this plan indicates the preferred levels of barricades, and not the current levels.

If you wish to discuss alterations to this plan, please use the talk page.

If you need to edit the barricade plan, go to Template:Rhodenbank Barricade Plan. If changes are made, please be sure to also edit the Barricade Policy section of the page for any buildings affected.

To include the barricade plan on a page use:

{{Rhodenbank Barricade Plan}} for a fullsize plan


{{Rhodenbank Barricade Plan|Small}} for a smaller version.

Ubpicon1.gif UBP-Compliant Barricade Plan
This barricade plan is compliant with the Uniform Barricading Policy. This plan was last reviewed on October 10, 2009.

80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89
00 St. Alfred's Hospital
a junkyard
the Elcomb Building
Club Meatyard
Mor Road
Luffman Grove
Club Farrel
St. Dunstan's Church
Nash Park
Barlow Avenue
01 Underhill Square
Moberly Library
the Otero Building
the Higgdon Museum
a junkyard
Cull Avenue Police Department
Tikanoff Park
Mallard Towers
a cemetery
a junkyard
02 Cowgall Avenue
Lahey Towers
Meetcham Drive Fire Station
Devenish Avenue
Sawtell Road
Tinkler Plaza School
the Floyd Monument
a factory
Attrell Avenue
03 Darbey Cinema
Hindmarsh Row Police Department
Standfast Plaza
a junkyard
Billinghurst Place Police Department
St. Matheos's Church
the Brain Museum
the Garard Building
Bargery Square
the Wallbutton Building
04 Thorp Towers
the Bizzell Building
Pask Walk
a junkyard
Lockwood Walk
Salter Grove Railway Station
Orome Avenue
the Carlyle Building
05 Wilmut Crescent
St. Alban's Hospital
Milne Park
the Devonshire Building
a carpark
the Guiday Monument
a factory
St. Mark's Hospital
a factory
Gable Walk Fire Station
06 St. Helier's Hospital
the Uglow Building
the Upshall Monument
the Parks Building
Lindell Grove
the Anstruther Building
the Ablett Arms
Sealy Grove
the Cabble Monument
the Starr Building
07 Amatt Boulevard
Club Hagan
Wickett Place
a factory
Tompsett Library
Spirrell Street
Craske Park
Fitzgerald Lane
the Spenser Museum
08 the Edridge Museum
a carpark
Woodland Cinema
Club Knyps
Woodman Grove
Club Greene
a factory
the Rendell Monument
Marcellus General Hospital
a factory
09 Attewill Way
the Robotier Building
the Fletcher Motel
Pownall Cinema
Doswell Lane
Nichols Drive
Clipper Grove Railway Station
Nulty Auto Repair
Brittan Walk
80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points


An alternate, and slightly outdated, graphical version of this plan is available at RCDC/Map.

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