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The Roftwood Elite is a pro-survivor group who's highest aspiration is a green Roftwood. We do our utmost propagating pro-survivor stability in our beloved homeland as well as the immediate lands outside our borders. We are a collection of soldiers, professionals, and above all, patriots.

Our immediate proximity to the ravaged ruins of Greater Ridleybank and it's infamous Ridleybank Resistance Front has created a great deal of adversity for us since our founding in February 2018. We are the crazy bastards who dare stand against the dark tide of Malton's most historic and established zombie group.

No arsenal or weapon is so formidable as the will and courage of our ranks.

We are all too familiar with stress, failure, and hardship. Operating in an environment so close to Ridleybank means we are accustomed to harassment by zombies and death cultists whom are constantly seeking to eliminate the weak of mind and body.

This pain has tested us to our core on many occasions past, and most likely for many more occasions still yet to come. Without hesitation, we accept this reality and deal with it. Our mental toughness is supreme. We do the best we can standing our ground and not fearing death. In the face of chaos, we remain calm and poised, waiting patiently for the correct opportunity to summon our strength and punch our foes straight in the snout.

Death is so common an occurrence for us that we have grown to romanticize it - the most magnificent death we could ever ask for is a death unwavering, defending our home turf til our final moments of life are forcefully ripped away from us. To the Roftwood Elite, nothing is more precious a reward as a grave on a Roftwood battlefield!

To join the Roftwood Elite means accepting risk. You will be a target. You will forever be fighting a campaign of forlorn hope, an eternal uphill battle we can't ever expect to win, but we DAMN SURE won't surrender! We can't keep Roftwood green, but we DAMN SURE will NEVER die in vain - for our cause is too noble and great!

The Roftwood Elite abides by Private Treptow's Pledge - We will work. We will save. We will sacrifice. We will endure. We will fight cheerfully, and we will do our utmost as if the whole issue of the Roftwood struggle depended on us alone.

Interested applicants should make their way to the Roftwood Coordination Center discord. Do know we are a picky bunch of tight-knit fellows and the vetting process is not easy. This makes those who legitimately rep our tags truly stand out from your typical survivor fodder. Your patience, courage, and willingness will be put to the test. Good luck.


Below is a ranked list of people who have proven themselves as especially extraordinary.


Benigno[1] aka "The Architect"


Wolfgang Friedrich[2] aka "The Godsend"

MarcusCamby[3] aka "The Camby Man"

Luke S[4] aka "The Vigilant"

Doc Spalding[5] aka "The Checkmate"

MALTEL Fuel Bot 3L1Z[6] aka "Nightlight"


DeadJi[7] aka "The Ghost Jedi"

Kain Markko[8] aka "The Devil's Favorite"

Sir Guy Manning[9] aka "The Aristocrat"

Austinthej[10] aka "Stone Cold"

Jason Prescott[11] aka "The Red-haired Hunter"

Paul Henderson[12] aka "Battlehawk"

AdryanK[13] aka "King Baby"

JerzyJJ[14] aka "Sunnyside"

ChipChompers[15] aka "Tombstone"

Samuel Willard[16] aka "The Preacher"

In-active Soldiers

leafpine[17] aka "The Accountant"

Briggsby[18] aka "The Chef"

Scaarr[19] aka "The Victor Royale"

Thaddeus Grundel[20] aka "The Ace"

Karsyth[21] aka "The Reaper"

Retired Soldiers



Below is a short summary of the Roftwood Elite's endeavors -

Coming Soon... Meanwhile, follow ZombGG's Journal


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