Salt Street School

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Salt Street School
Esoldier (talk) 20:43, 5 December 2020 (UTC)
Salt Street School

Lerwill Heights [29, 55]

the Mountain Motel the Jelley Museum St. Hormisdas's Church
(Shore Hills)
a junkyard Salt Street School Kirwan Alley School
(Shore Hills)
a junkyard Sturmey Lane Fudge Road
(Shore Hills)

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally

Salt Street School


The high school for lerwill Heights.


Particularly famous for the deaths that occurred in between 1986 and 1998, Salt Street High was built in 1946. In 1986, a sophomore girl was found with her throat slashed on a street nearby the school. A week later another girl, a freshman this time, was found with slash marks all over her body in a science classroom after school, having bled to death. A manhunt was launched by citizens and police alike to catch the killer by the time sophomores Tim Gossard and Kate Yseult were stabbed multiple times behind the school, Yseult surviving but in a hysterical state. Sophomore Jack Thompson was found beaten, decapitated and dismembered in a junkyard west of the school three days later. Sophomore Ricky Hartford and an anonymous girl were attacked in the school parking lot the next day by a man with a knife, however both were unharmed. The last three murders, of Ricky Hartford by a snapped spine, Natalie Brannon by stabbing and Alex Shepis by a cut along the chest occurred on the same day two days later inside the school during a power outage. The sole survivor of the group, who also survived the other attack at the parking lot claimed the killer was a janitor, however her description of the man matched that of Christopher Scarver, a janitor who disappeared in 1981 at the age of 68. She claimed she had beaten him badly and set him on fire in the school basement, however only bloodstains were found, with no body to go with them. In 1988 more murders occurred. Tim Hammond and Sally Rasper, both juniors, were killed while at a party, Hammond beaten with a major artery slashed and Rasper stabbed multiple times. A girl who remains anonymous was also slashed badly in the back, however she lived and was able to describe the man as a tall, old man, although she was unable to see his face. Sophomores Skip Craven and his girlfriend Clare Spungen were at Clayton Cinema a week later when Craven was beaten to death with a claw hammer, and Clare was badly hurt with the same weapon. Tom Weaver, sitting a couple seats away, went to inspect what had happened and was hit in face and killed with the hammer. By this time the theater was in panic and, in the ensuing madness, celluloid was lit by a cigarette and started a fire in the the theater, badly burning many, including Spungen, who escaped but was in critical condition afterward. Junior Jackie Krell was strangled to death two weeks later in a school hallway, Tom Hackman being a witness and making a narrow escape. A week later Amanda Levin was stabbed multiple times at a party. Her friend witnessed this and was slashed across the chest, but survived and was able to escape and alert the police who had been closely monitoring the party. Police officers proceeded to evacuate the house, looking for the killer, firing shots at him which only seemed to injure him slightly. The man escaped by jumping out a window and running into the nearby woods. The reign of terror ended four days later when Tom Hackman, Julie Sanders, Laurie Hensley and and Will Strad met on Grime Street. Hackman's throat was slashed but he miraculously survived, Julie Sanders was gutted, and Will Strad was stabbed in the stomach and lived. Hensley beat the killer to death with a baseball bat, then threw the body in a garbage can and set the can on fire. The police were unable to identify the burned corpse, so the body was cremated and the ashes were let spread into the air. In 1992 Valerie Cantrell was found strangled on Ings street, and two weeks later freshman Stephanie Kent was found brutally stabbed near the a local video store. The police began an active search for the killer, who they believed to again be Christopher Render. Three days later Ted Lydy was attacked by a masked man with a machete, getting badly cut across the back but escaping. At a party the next day. Two girls were found brutally stabbed, and a man strangled. The final murder attempt occured the next day, when Tiphanie Strontum was nearly disembowled by the killer behind the video store, but survived. The killer entered the store and attempted to stab the employee, only to be shot multiple times. The killer was revealed to actually be Jack West, a sophomore at the school. Lydy's attacker was revealed to be a friend of West's named Ricky Milstein. One of the party stabbers was revealed to be another friend, Sam

Immediately following the initial quarantine of Malton, a military organization sent a mobile task force code-named 'Heralds of Ouroboros' to the initial outbreak location, with orders to lock the area down and provide an internal jumping-off point for the reclamation of the city. Shortly after the task landed, satellite imagery captured the landing site. All six black hawks that had taken the soldiers into the combat zone were seen to have been blown, likely by C4 carried by the team. A low-altitude recon of the site revealed bodies numbering approximately three-fourths of MTF Heralds of Ouroboros in and around the wreckage. Heralds of Ouroboros ceased broadcasting status updates and were assumed lost. In the years following, little is officially known about what happened to the remains of the task force. What IS known that several uniforms sporting patches consistent with MTF Heralds of Ouroboros were seen during the so-called third siege of Caiger, and sporadic radio contact in the years following have suggested that they were not, in fact, entirely eradicated. The last radio contact will be appended to this report, and shows that the survivors of this task force, including its original commander, are establishing themselves south of the mall. Satellite heat-mapping suggests that the survivors are recruiting military and civilian individuals into the task force, but as reliable radio contact has yet to be achieved, this is entirely supposition.

"...Aptain... t of Mobile Task... Of Ouroboros... Hope you're still us... is frequency. Task Force... efended and resupplied at Caiger... iege in progress. Evacu... ith three civilians.... Continuing south t... orde, then will esta.... porary headquarters... Current prospective loc.... otel, with Salt Street School as a backup l... ill reestablish contact shortly when we have... aptain A... out."

Barricade Policy

Please maintain at VSB+2 for the foreseeable future

Current Status

Safe. Currently being utilized by the remains of Mobile Task Force "Heralds of Ouroboros" as an impromptu headquarters.

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