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Vatican Section XIII
Abbreviation: XIII
Group Numbers: Currently disbanded
Leadership: The 13 High Archons-all currently dead.
Goals: Vengeance against the enemies of God.
Recruitment Policy: Join at

A holy order dedicated to silencing all unbelief, beginning with St. Johns Cathedral in Vinetown.


Section XIII was disbanded on June 10th, with the death of it's leaders.

One God, One Blade. Vatican Section XIII was formed when the the destruction inflicted by a zombie attack on St. Johns Cathedral in Vinetown unearthed a crypt underneath the main altar. One of the few survivors, a priest hiding from the carnage named Popular Lawyer fell into the crypt, wherein he found something terrible that would forever shake and define his faith. Beneath the Crypt in the cathedral was the remains of the Holy Vatican Order of the Thirteenth Apostle. The order was the last forgotten remnant of the elite catholic assassination division, Section XIII. Popular Lawyer, weak and stuck down in the crypt, spent weeks reading the books contained beneath the crypt. As he read and trained, he slowly became what he was reading about. As he gained enough strength to climb from the crypt, he emerged with a renewed purpose, to destroy all sin and pain around him.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Make a pilgrimage to the northeast corner of St. Johns Cathedral in Vinetown and pray out loud.
  • Full proficiency with the knife and fireaxe.
  • Free Running.
  • Some form of the number 13 in your human description.


Section XIII believes that god's wrath has manifested itself in the form of the current zombie scurge. Zombies possessing enough memories of life, (all memories of life skills) may join Section XII, and work with us to further our goals. However, zombies must still make the pilgrimage to the INSIDE of the northeast corner of St. Johns Cathedral, and the human force of Section XIII is not to blamed should you mistakenly be killed. 1-10 AP is a small price to pay for forgiveness. If you have been zombified, request a revive on the forums.


One God, One Blade - Section XII

Members of Section XIII

None currently, though recently, there have been rumors of a rogue priest near Fort Creedy bearing their emblem, attempting to revive the order.