Shadows of Hell

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Shadows of Hell
Abbreviation: SoH
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Hells Fargo
Goals: To Gather the Souls of the Living (Even if the dead stand in our way)
Recruitment Policy: You must offer the ultimate sacrifice to become one. Your life. Your Soul.
Contact: OR

"Shadows of Hell...for when there is no more room in Hell, we shall climb from the depths to collect the souls ourselves."

From the bowels of Hell, these demons come forth to collect the souls of those who cannot fit within' the confines of the crowded deep. They take the shape of man, woman or child and their only purpose is to collect this ultimate ransom. These beasts cannot be stopped but can be slowed. Mortal weapons are the best means but only for the temporary amount of time will they be subdued. After feeding on the souls of the living comes their only flaw and best time to do your damage. For it is then that they need sleep. While some members will try to seek refuge for this rest. Others have been known to gladly be "put down" by a human to obtain a deeper sleep. Then there are the ones who have actually thrown themselves out windows. You see, sleep is the only way they can channel the souls they have stolen to their master. While it is an advantage for the people of Malton, it is a necessity for the Shadows of Hell.


The Shadows of Hell accept anyone who willing offers up their life & soul. To become one you must be killed by one. Anyone who has had their soul already taken may offer up their services as well. Since their soul was already claimed they will not have to die by a shadow again.

Rules of Shadow

There aren't really any rules within' the confines of the group. We don't care what you do as long as you are collecting souls for the master. Pick your target and take it out. Prey on the weak & don't joykill anyone too many times. That only leads to a waste of our resources. The group as a whole does not seek to make friends either, we really don't care about this "honor among theives". If we are requested to attend a large scale massacre we may, but don't expect us to pick our targets wisely. We aren't about making friends or making enemies, we aren't about seeking revenge. We are just about murdering each and every person, one at a time and getting what we are really here for from them.


Currently unknown. They originated in the surburb of Penny Heights, though this city is not where they would call home. For the Shadows only have one place they call home and it is not in Malton...nor on Earth. They will be anywhere & everywhere. As said one is safe. Living or dead.


January 18th, 2008:Hell in coming.

December 21st, 2008:We have surpassed 350 souls claimed and will soon be at 400. The Shadows are still continually looking for recruits/allies & have updated their forum as well.

September 11th, 2008:We are still here and looking for others to induct into the group...and more souls too of course.

April 21, 2008:The Shadows have reached three hundred souls. We're not stopping either.

August 16th, 2007:The Shadows have reached two hundred souls. The group is also reforming to hopefully be a even more of a closely knit, dysfunctional & dark family.

January 31st, 2007:The Shadows spread across Malton in search of more souls and more members. Oh, it will be a bloody Valentine.

January 22nd, 2007:The Shadows of Hell eclipse the century mark. 100 Souls Claimed.

January 8th, 2007:Still reaping souls in the suburb of Penny Heights, Shadows of Hell have amassed a known total of seventy-five. They aren't about to stop either. A forum is being created as this is typed in hopes of having more shadows join in with them.

December 9th, 2006: There was a slaughter today. The souls of three individuals were taken by the hand of the "Dark Shadow". There are only more to be had as he and his fellow shadows are let loose upon Malton.--Hells Fargo 11:34 (UWT)

December 2nd, 2006: They Have Awoke. Sent forth into the city with an ever present hunger. Souls aren't sold anymore...they are stolen. Where they are exactly in the city is still unknown at this time. --Hells Fargo 11:34 (UWT)

The Five Signs (& meanings)

The Sacrifice Scrafice.jpg

A Sacrafice has been made at this location. A new Shadow was created.
Graffiti: "Somebody has spraypainted the shadowy image of a goat head onto a wall."
The Demon Demon.jpg

There are at least few Shadows amongst you.
Graffiti: "Somebody has spraypainted the shadowy image of a demon onto a wall."
The Hell Hound Hound.jpg

If seen, your suburb has been scouted. Beware.
Graffiti: "Somebody has spraypainted the shadowy image of a large hound onto a wall."
The Spider Spidershadow.jpg

While the Demon signifies a few shadows. The spider signifies most of the group.
Graffiti: "Somebody has spraypainted the shadowy image of a evil looking spider onto a wall."
The Slaughter Slaughter.jpg

A soul or souls have been stolen at the very spot you stand. Are you next?
Graffiti: "Somebody has spraypainted the shadowy image of a dead pig onto a wall."

Current Ranking System

(Rank is from Highest to Lowest. Number prior to title is how many can hold this rank. An infinite number can hold the lowest of the ranks. Though member do have these specific titles all are known as "Shadows" to the people of Malton. The top eight members form the legs of the spider itself...or the master of the underworld.)

  • 1- The Dark Shadow (2nd in rank only to the one which he & the rest serve)
  • 1- The Shadow Creeper (the red right hand of The Dark Shadow)
  • 1- The Shadow Giver (a members who specializes in "awakening" members in need)
  • 5- The Five (the five consists of the oldest most trusted soul reavers)
  • __- Sleepwalkers (Those just shadows...servants of the shadows. Most will work to hopefully one day become a member of the Five)

Souls Claimed since 12/09/06 (only the ones we have profile links for)

  1. Joey Joe Joe Shabido
  2. Foogulu
  3. Sweet Sue
  4. The Rats
  5. Unf0rgiven
  6. Harrikins
  7. Illustratr
  8. ColonelBooterCooter
  9. Loggy
  10. mynamewasloki
  11. Groooaaaaannnnn
  12. thehooded1
  13. Sam the Monkey
  14. Victor De'Loss
  15. Hx
  16. LorglathZ
  17. ninja time
  18. momento2
  19. JICCC
  20. Louper
  21. John geukes 2
  22. The Dancing Banana
  23. Buttcheeks McGee
  24. Dr Fermento
  25. canadianburk
  26. Ernest Xavier
  27. Kurbstompa
  28. Costrich
  29. smalls5791
  30. Cpt Wells
  31. monktharo
  32. martin connors
  33. zottewim
  34. Angelfire
  35. bunnyears
  36. Matthais Bronstein
  37. LibbyGimmy
  38. Cicikov
  39. Bunty1
  40. Renegade11926
  41. Blood4life
  42. Darokin
  43. moomoohaveacow
  44. kintel
  45. cceeehillorstttvv
  46. Cantaloupe
  47. ProRaiL Jr
  48. Calv1n
  49. James Turton
  50. Ernest Xavier
  51. Spartacus5
  52. CSativa
  53. Fynn
  54. Falco Lombardi X
  55. Mejai
  56. Jeremy Stephens
  57. Larry Johnson 27
  58. kinkyshe
  59. Born Evil
  60. a tentacle monster
  61. RunnerT
  62. Samuel L" Jackson
  63. MadMoneyMike
  64. ColShep
  65. John Table
  66. Speero
  67. Will Freeman
  68. Keetan
  69. Dino Cassat
  70. Franken25
  71. jkslol
  72. Misterfixit
  73. Uzzel
  74. The One True Sid
  75. zombiehorde13
  76. WhiteZombie17
  77. ColinSh
  78. toftait
  79. Azderdi
  80. Nomis789
  81. rocket launcher
  82. Djdylz
  83. SilIyLilIyPilIy
  84. Ricki Rockett
  85. Lanner
  86. Very Tasty
  87. jhacksawvg
  88. Stilldead007
  89. misterhungry
  90. crossbow babe
  91. Thor Ellis
  92. Baked Beans
  93. John Fitzgerald
  94. goonsta
  95. Oneandonly
  96. LoatheTheUndead
  97. SASPALAS777
  98. Murder83
  99. Pvt Dont wanna die
  100. Sarah Zombie
  101. Tom Clemens
  102. JohnnyRambo
  103. Cpt Caveman
  104. Thomas Joad
  105. Lieutenant Steeeve
  106. Magnum P I
  107. C'Zar
  108. Aaron Gosling
  109. Big Vic
  110. Blenderboy
  111. l2omain
  112. Mecha Streisand
  113. RomanTotale
  114. Smasher McGraw
  115. BrainCleaner
  116. Brett Scout
  117. Mr Biffo
  118. FFcookie
  119. sallykins
  120. Tom Manes
  121. Jock McTavish
  122. John Lately
  123. hermal4
  124. Madgebishop
  125. Quincey Scout
  126. Drakonio3
  127. lightningmiss
  128. Trignum
  129. Artemel
  130. mibz
  131. pedobear
  132. vlasan
  133. Sorhed
  134. Sir Deimos
  135. Doc Warren
  136. Bill from Kill Bill
  137. Thorbjorn
  138. fhqwgads
  139. Domino Valentine
  140. Sir Scott
  141. aphazia0
  142. Zakirov
  143. Crowbank Killer
  144. Belakor
  145. Gay FedCom President
  146. Bill Lugosi
  147. grubbs123
  148. Heartbeep
  149. Melkor The Immortal
  150. nobufusa2
  151. Sebine
  152. Dulun
  153. Id Entity
  154. The Dark Reaper
  155. Ayrieec Bloodspirit
  156. Docter Paul
  157. Kyja
  158. RiotGuard
  159. George W Bush XIII
  160. Hardy
  161. Jay Leno the Zombie
  162. Mathew Dust
  163. Samuel Hain
  164. William Johansen
  165. Sgt Forde
  166. rabbijon
  167. Earl Boris
  168. claudezachary
  169. Jaz Smith
  170. Jak Orion
  171. Jimmy The Snitch
  172. ObiFirefighter
  173. Death's Nephew
  174. In Flames Apocalypse
  175. Rick Dasher
  176. x3n0g3ai2s
  177. Slavenka Chinaski
  178. Hobbydiktatorn
  179. dawnofthedead1978
  180. Allison Reynolds
  181. Dawgman
  182. Kid gOblin
  183. SkullnBones
  184. Lynchmob Bob
  185. Morris O'Brian
  186. sjp1990
  187. Mister Stateless
  188. Shotgun Ed
  189. Allison Wolf
  190. Tyman
  191. Ethe
  192. ChuckWagon
  193. Bastetmeow
  194. Tehevildead
  195. Octoped
  196. Astro999
  197. Gelf
  198. Muffinmannen
  199. Huccalainen
  200. Nuttall
  201. Rhino1
  202. apa64
  203. Monopoly Man
  204. AlfonsoPez
  205. Vito Sestito
  206. P02 Samuel
  207. KeeganElliott
  208. CONY
  209. AEK
  210. Scout McScout
  211. Nurse Sakura
  212. SilentEnigma
  213. Grifton
  214. Capt Courageous
  215. Hart0142
  216. prof129
  217. darknezz8
  218. Dr Yule
  219. Dr rolf
  220. Joe3570
  221. ApacheKaos
  222. Scarrytom
  223. Zeta man
  224. Alf Landon
  225. James Nicholson
  226. Alex Slant
  227. Loeweasel
  228. da kid
  229. Keltzon Marthik
  230. Hank Ruin
  231. Nayban
  232. Monski
  233. Grace O'Toole
  234. bunnysXonXcrack
  235. HadesScorn
  236. Dick Thompson
  237. Vikendi
  238. Lightsword
  239. Balkie
  240. Lady Hawk
  241. Nathan Payne
  242. OrsenBean
  243. humanbutt6
  244. bluelightspecial
  245. Yilletta
  246. Nicholas Spector
  247. Josef Kerr
  248. rose sneed
  249. johan dreg
  250. Semage La Rock
  251. JackNight
  252. Pvt DaBank
  253. CrackBerry Sufferer
  254. Pizzaboy Sean
  255. mellonballer
  256. IlpalazzoNinja
  257. mumber43
  258. LP89X
  259. Diegel
  260. jhnyfive
  261. chanceism
  262. Streen
  263. Stephen Colbert77
  264. Budgie Smuggler
  265. Dr Raven Madison
  266. drewisalive
  267. TheUSA
  268. Drizzt8
  269. flagg
  270. dark bringer
  271. Rthe3rd
  272. Hoetrain
  273. DeJohn
  274. 2 of 538
  275. s u n n y
  276. Sarghi
  277. Gantar
  278. Sexy toothpick
  279. bas0ra
  280. Toadina
  281. Jarret Donke Boi
  282. Alfie Noakes
  283. Nurse McCreedy
  284. Michael Blackstone
  285. nihla
  286. Devilmaycry13
  287. Ray Winston
  288. ben78
  289. Ubikdom
  290. 1111judgep
  291. Vgk1
  292. Jack Cates
  293. Lars Jansen
  294. xxkrakenxx
  295. Huntress225
  296. aguacommander
  297. Kevin Tate
  298. 1337fox3
  299. Fire Fighter Cindy
  300. Felix Quartz
  301. Aleister Curton
  302. Strayla
  303. BobdaDoc
  304. Mad Frank
  305. John Lyle
  306. kauff
  307. Madjura
  308. SpeedGoat
  309. James O'Farrell
  310. Gregory Red
  311. Karejha Athero
  312. Moe Pridham
  313. Bison Dele
  314. teddy kord
  315. Crazyloop
  316. JPost717
  317. grizzlebored
  318. fingle
  319. fear45
  320. Mikael Gatt
  321. asianRISING
  322. Tickabod
  323. Pat O'mara
  324. Private Dentel
  325. FishBoyMan
  326. Nicholas Molina
  327. kody james hall
  328. Grummrop
  329. sniff my entrails
  330. a butt
  331. Psycho MBA
  332. Daggoo
  333. Mark the Maniac
  334. ShieldW0lf
  335. Stryker II
  336. Pvt Stanley
  337. Peter Haverhand
  338. Jackson Sayther
  339. The Asshulk
  340. Cu Roi
  341. Zhou Cang
  342. Broctree Othello
  343. Zombie Slayer EAL
  344. BobTheHand
  345. gooden
  346. Blue Spector
  347. Vincent Dragomir
  348. Tasty Snack
  349. ZaqWer
  350. Malibu Stacy
  351. CemeteryGhoul
  352. Yrael Octavian
  353. BarakObama
  354. Deadushka
  355. Harry Kewell
  356. Sir Tanto
  357. SleepyGiant
  358. Rob Sombra
  359. Giles Sednik
  360. NuttyCheese
  361. terrell owens
  362. Wendy Spitz
  363. Tom Papherd
  364. Ryker Blair
  365. Gnauga
  366. michaleson
  367. Officer Sue
  368. Roy Ford
  369. Bear Buddy
  370. Johansolo
  371. Brigander
  372. PayTheFerryMan
  373. makeamove
  374. Reverend Scrape
  375. Rocky Ford

Bolded names have had their soul claimed & been joy killed for pure sinful bliss.


The Shadows of Hell have absolutely no affiliation with the Shadows of Hope, operating under the same abbreviation. The Shadows of Hell are much more evil & ruthless, not to mention severely anti-survivor.