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Suburb of Shearbank
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Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank
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Shearbank's location in Malton

Resource buildings in Shearbank

Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: ***
p: BFeb 14

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Phone Mast: (56,24)

Keedwell Plaza School


Update Mast

Known groups in this suburb:
— Survivor Groups —
— Zombie Groups —
— Hostile Groups —
  • Only freelance killers...
— Historic Groups —

Key buildings in Shearbank:

Malls: Stickling Mall
NecroTech Buildings: 4

(59,21) (53,22) (55,28) (52,29)

Police Departments: 4
Hospitals: 3
Fire Stations: 2
Bulletin Boards: 4
Others: St Luke's Cathedral
Suburb Number: 26
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Shearbank is a suburb in the north-central area of Malton. It contains Stickling Mall and the east half of St Luke's Cathedral.

Before the outbreak, Shearbank- though not possessing much in the way of attractions itself- acted as a sort of hub to tourist attractions in the surrounding areas, resulting in the construction of no less than seven hotels, four police departments, and Stickling Mall- the last of the malls to be completed before the outbreak, in early March 2005. But a year before the renovation, it was up in the ranks with Randallbank, Roachtown, and Huntley Heights as being one of the poorest suburbs in Malton. Drugs, robberies, and assaults were numerous in this suburb. Luckily, this suburb was renovated and became one of the best in the city.

With quick access to hospitals, police stations, and active revive points, the area around Stickling Mall is currently recommended as a great place to gain experience points for those new to Malton.

Shearbank has an extensive and colorful past history. If you are new to the area, please take a look at the Shearbank Barricade Plan.

Local PK lists can be found here and here, as maintained by Umbrella Corporation and Shearbank Patrol respectively.

Resource Buildings

NecroTech Facilities

The Gabe Building (59,21)

The Nisbet Building (55,28)

The Turner Building (52,29)

The Whippey Building (53,22)


Edmund General Hospital (53,20)

Josaphat General Hospital (51,29)

Lazarus General Hospital (56,25)

Police Departments

Borrer Street Police Department (53,27)

Farrant Crescent Police Department (55,21)

Lessey Lane Police Department (55,23)

Owsley Crescent Police Department (53,25)


A factory (53,29)

A factory (56,21)

A factory (59,26)

Auto Repair Shops

Abrahall Auto Repair (54,27)

Upham Auto Repair (50,28)


Stickling Mall [52,23] – [53,24]

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Building Status Key

Safe Rebuilding Under Attack Under Siege

Ruined In Zombie Hands Pinata Unknown

Shearbank Information Resources

The Shearbank Building Information Center and Resource Building Status List contain status reports and updates on key buildings in the suburb.

View zombie activity and locations in Shearbank from External Military Reports, Scentoral scan data charts and NecroWatch.

Recent News

Please: recent news at the top (signed & NPOV). Old news can be archived.


May 3th

Whippey building smashed in. --RevEngEspc 17:02, 3 May 2012 (BST)


March 6th

25.96 MHz: "... Shearbank looks clear ... a lot of lights on, looks the area's been reclaimed ... infrastructure looks intact too ... Stickling Mall has power ... the Turner Building is down ..." --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 10:51, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

Past Regimes of Shearbank

The Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs (DARIS) claimed to control the suburb for a period that began September 8th, 2005 and ended September 21st, 2005 (13 days). DARIS attempted to kill any non-member who entered the suburb, human or zombie during this period. The Shearbank Liberation Army formed in opposition to this and stated that it aimed to defeat DARIS and end the group's self-proclaimed control of Shearbank. Other non-affiliated residents – human, as well as zombie – began entering the suburb, causing the suburb to become even more of a war zone than the rest of the city and, arguably, the focal point of Maltonian politics. Ultimately, the rule of DARIS in Shearbank came to a close, and without a strong infrastructure, Shearbank was disorganised, and remained so for quite some time.

Radio Communication

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.09 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: anywhere

The "official" radio frequency for Shearbank and the surrounding suburbs in the NE-4 district is 26.09 MHz. The other main radio frequency in use is 26.80 MHz, the dedicated frequency for Stickling Mall. 26.80 MHz is typically used by Ranahan Public Radio and the usage of the frequency as a "mall only" freq. is in contention. Usually you will find radios in the suburb tuned to the latter for convenience. These stations broadcast helpful survivor information and building statuses.

Survivors are encouraged to maintain power and radio transmitters in all resource buildings including Stickling Mall. The phone transmitter building for the suburb is Keedwell Plaza School and is usually kept powered and fuelled and at EHB.

Shearbank Barricade Plan

Barricade plan has now been moved to a separate page: Shearbank Barricade Plan.

Emergency plan can be found here, as maintained by Umbrella Corporation.

Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of Shearbank
Honeycombe Drive Nurton Walk Fire Station
Chenery Cinema Edmund General Hospital
Nulty Lane Dunham Way Holroyd Bank
Club Bu the Sowler Monument a junkyard
Hatchard Road Rodford Plaza a warehouse Allder Row
Ranahan Library Farrant Crescent Police Department a factory a junkyard Giffard Square the Gabe Building
the Fifield Motel
a junkyard
wasteland the Whippey Building St. Christopher's Church
a junkyard Borde Bank Club Williames Greedy Street Grandfield Walk
St. Luke's Cathedral the Bridle Museum
Stickling Mall Stickling Mall wasteland Lessey Lane Police Department Bryan Walk Cleall Walk a carpark Hambeln Alley
St. Luke's Cathedral Slatter Crescent Stickling Mall Stickling Mall Hulme Park Deanesly Park Keedwell Plaza School the Soper Motel Aslin Crescent St. Herman's Church
the Mallows Building Lord Road the Dundas Building Owsley Crescent Police Department
MacGilvray Alley Polden Way Lazarus General Hospital
Clewlow Drive Belben Lane the Newnam Motel
the Derrington Building Robey Avenue Meaker Lane Fire Station
Chalderwood Way wasteland the Thorne Arms Krinks Boulevard Denmead Walk School Gay Avenue a factory
Fritz Lane the Parkinson Hotel the Stacey Monument Borrer Street Police Department Abrahall Auto Repair Male Way
The McMahon Hotel Club Pengelly Waddon Crescent wasteland
Upham Auto Repair Manuel Towers the Sartin Monument
Sage Avenue the Eford Motel the Nisbet Building St. Athanasius's Church
Pledger Alley Bridell Square wasteland
wasteland Josaphat General Hospital
the Turner Building a factory the Rush Building the Fitkin Hotel Gajewski Avenue a warehouse the Pratt Building Leigh Library
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