Showers Park

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Showers Park

Gulsonside [77, 72]

Stephens Park Doble Auto Repair Mather Lane
St. Holy's Church Showers Park wasteland
St. Patrick's Church a cemetery Blesley Mall

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Don't believe the pretty picture. This park used to look like that until the Apocalypse. Now it is still a place of peace and tranquility, but only because it is littered with dead bodies and skeletal remains of former residents and survivors of Malton.


In order to make peace with concerned citizens and NIMBY neighbors, the developers of Blesley Mall agreed to set aside adjacent land for public recreation. Of course it didn't hurt to have people recreating so close to the mall where they could shop before, during or after their visit to Showers Park. The name came from the numerous fountains that could be strolled through by patrons on hot days to cool themselves. Children loved splashing in the fountains until miscreants dumped some yellow dye in the water supply circulating to the park. It took a long time for the Malton Parks and Recreation Department to flush the dye out. It will probably take longer for the fountains to stop flowing red...

Current Status

Currently being used as a Department of Emergency Management (DEM) revive point RP.