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  • ==<center>Please scroll SLOWLY to the bottom of this page.</center>== ...are making you live again through experiencing the only thing left for us: pain.
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  • <center> '''''"The ultimate evil is to leave the company of the living before you die." ''''' </center> <font color=Chartreuse>''Prophet of The Queen-The Red right hand of barhah''</font>
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  • group_goals=Offer help to the Citizens of Malton| ...effective as a [[Random Tactics|tactical team]], we've built a reputation of at least being tremendously entertaining to our foes.
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  • ...rder:2px solid #04030B;width:800px;">[[Image:MCMBanner3.jpg|Malton College of Medicine]]<div style="padding:10px;"> [[Image:MCMSeal.gif‎ ‎|300px|right|Malton College of Medicine]]
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  • group_goals=To expose the darkest secrets of the wikis mods.| ...'' Grim]] today lived up to his title by rising from his grave in the dead of night and [[Special:Log/rights|barricading himself alone]] in the [[Special
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  • # it's been in my description for ages. now that part of my description (gas mask) was implemented, i'd like the other things too -- # Allot of soldiers around, makes sense.--[[User:Wee Sonny MacGregor|Wee Sonny MacGreg
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  • group_membership=44 active members at an average level of 33 and a group rating 1489| ...11 Expeditionary Force (Often abbreviated as X1111) include the reclaiming of both Forts.
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  • so [snip]buy=m, you'll buy Scent Blood and skip over the requirement of having Scent Fear.| ...t, say, get a working Scent Blood with just 100 XP. In fact, doing it kind of screws you over a bit... since you will neither have a working Scent Fear -
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  • ...y claimed. In short, we would humbly ask you to consider a second invasion of Gibsonton to wipe the morons out. --[[User:Fenian|Fenian]] 22:03, 21 March ...heir authoritarian ideology and seeking to explore the social implications of alternative property and judicial systems. We request your presence to defe
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  • ...eople Executing Zombies) is a new (Editor's Note: Now currently OLD) group of survivors in Blythville (North and South). ...t the Official Revive Point for PEZ United is [[Slocombe Street]], just NW of The HoneyField. For Private Members Only, Civs should report to [[Gee Avenu
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  • description=Survivors aren't quite aware of just how much we zombies really do love them. Survivors do nothing but run ...(I still hate the humorous suggestions system, it sucks the funniness out of every suggestion), [[User:Undeadinator|Undeadinator]] (HOLY SHIT MY VOTE IS
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  • ...r suggestion has not already been placed upon this page. Remember the rule of Dr. Seuss: "consistent nonsense". If a zombie were to have two heads, it s ...> - [[Humorous_Suggestions/Class#Aristocracy_of_the_Apocalypse|Aristocracy of the Apocalypse]]
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  • ...glasses and boots; masks and mittens etc. would just apply to those parts of the body. --[[User:C138|c138]] <sup>[[Red_Rum|RR]] - [[PKer|PKer]]</sup> 00 # Hell yeah, as long as there are a variety of animal and movie villain suits [[User:EddyB|EddyB]] 05:22, 5 June 2007 (BST
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  • ...CM), *[[User:Angel Reaper|Angel Reaper]] (SI), [[User:Angel of Chaos|Angel of Chaos]] (HB), [[User:angelknight2|angelknight2]] (_x2), *[[User:Angel Wolf| ..., [[User:Jude Outlander|Jude Outlander]] (SS), [[Juniper of Assisi|Juniper of Assisi]] (BP), [[User:Juju Man|Juju Man]] (VI), **[[User:junkie512|junkie51
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  • The Great Picnic of 2015 just ended. Here is a recap of all events! Great Picnic of 2015
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  • *[[Real Men of Genius]] radio commercial series * A zombie brought down the last of the barricades. (2 hours and 9 minutes ago)
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  • ...wikiness) to enjoy. You should evaluate the humoristic or artistic quality of the text on your own. Insults and incomprehensible injokes are better left *[[Real Men of Genius]] radio commercial series
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