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[[Image:Church.JPG|right|thumb|Surprise, this building has no doors.]]
[[Image:Church.JPG|right|thumb|Surprise, this building has no doors.]]
'''Current status:''' Very Strongly Barricaded, powered, transceiver on-line, mostly safe. [30 June]
== Description ==
== Description ==

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St. Christopher's Church
VSB, inactive generator.
Colin Tel (talk) 19:57, 4 October 2019 (UTC)
St. Christopher's Church

Shearbank [54,22]

Allder Row Ranahan Library Farrant Crescent Police Department
The Whippey Building
St. Christopher's Church a junkyard
Stickling Mall wasteland Lessey Lane Police Department

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St. Christopher's Church

Surprise, this building has no doors.


St. Christopher's Church (54,22) is located in north-west Shearbank. Some time back it was considered an indoor revive point, but due to lack of agreement, players are now advised to go to Allder Row (53,21) for revives. See here for more discussion.

Barricade Policy

Do not overbarricade this building. It should be maintained as an accessible safe house and free running entryway and Stickling Mall entry point, and as such the barricades should be maintained at Very Strongly Barricaded (VSB++) unless the building comes under attack. See the Shearbank Barricade Plan for more details.


Should be tagged as a VSB building and Stickling Mall entry point.

Tagging this building yields no XP.

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