Stanbury Lane (Vinetown)

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Stanbury Lane

Vinetown [81, 64]

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Basic Info:

  • A Street is a city block containing no buildings or monuments. There are a variety of other names besides Street including Alley, Avenue, Boulevard, Drive, Grove, Lane, Row, Square, Walk, Place, etc.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Stanbury Lane (Vinetown)

The Lane, covered in rubbish.


Stanbury Lane is a street in the suburb of Vinetown.


Despite its nominal connection to affluent Stanbury Village, Stanbury Lane was an area destroyed by unemployment and crime. The people on this road felt ignored by the rest of Vinetown and its Police Departments. At the time of the outbreak it was already looking like a disaster area, as two months previously a refuse collector had been shot dead, leading to rubbish collections being suspended.

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