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A '''Suburb''' is a named 10 [[block]] by 10 block subsection in the city of [[Malton]]. There are 100 suburbs in Malton, arranged in a 10 by 10 grid.
In the game, the suburb you are in is given at the top of the 3x3 [[minimap|map]] showing your immediate environment. There is no special procedure for moving from one suburb to another - simply keep walking and you will find yourself in a new suburb. If your map has fewer than nine squares, you are at one of the [[border|boundaries]] of Malton itself, not simply the boundary of a suburb.
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==Danger Map of Malton Suburbs==
A history of the danger map system and an archive of danger map screenshots can be found on the [[Suburb/History]] page.
==Suburbs of Note==
:Houses the southern half and gatehouse of [[Fort Perryn]], the site of a constant struggle for pride and authority. The [[Feral Undead]]'s base of operations is here.
*'''[[Ridleybank]]''', '''[[Barrville|Barrville]]''', and '''[[Stanbury Village]]'''
:Home of the [[Ridleybank Resistance Front]] and suburbs of their claimed territory.
*'''[[Stanbury Village]]'''
:Home to [[Whetcombe Park]], site of the [[On Strike|Strike]]. Former home of the now-defunct [[Pwotters]] zombie horde.
*'''[[Darvall Heights]]''' and '''[[Chudleyton]]'''
:Home to [[Caiger Mall]], site of four of the largest sieges in UD history. The [[Malton Iditarod]] started and finished here.
:Home to the [[Yagoton Revivification Clinic]], one of the largest [[revivification point]]s in Malton. The [[Valentine's Day Massacre]] took place in Southern Yagoton.
:Home to the [[Eastonwood Ferals]] and birthplace of the notorious PKer [[Pathetic Bill]].
:Former home of the [[PA Rebel Alliance]], based out of Giddings Mall. In 2005, they were responsible for [[The Many]]'s greatest defeat. Won against [[The Shining Ones]] in a 2006 siege as well.  Also home to the [[Creedy Defense Force]] as well as the PKer group [[Creedy Guerilla Raiders]].
:Suburb once occupied by a group called [[DARIS]], who made it a policy to eliminate all non-DARIS members within the suburb. It was eventually forced out by a variety of factors, including downright apathy and a possible zerging attack.
<small>Use the [[Talk:Suburb|discussion page]] to vote on new historically noteworthy suburbs.</small>
==More Maps==
Shown in the section above is one of several useful maps of Malton.  This section gives links to others; each has a different focus in the information it shows, several extend the above map to include other information. See also: [[Maps]]
'''[[Suburb/History|Suburb Dangermap History]]'''
:Historical views of the Danger Map shown above.
'''[[Template:DangerMapUF|Updater-Friendly Danger Map]]'''
:An updater-friendly version of danger map which includes links to suburb news, building information center and direct link to danger level updates right on the map.
'''[[External Military Report Map]]'''
:Combines the Danger Map with summaries of [[External Military]] radio reports from 25.96Mhz.
'''[[Scenteral Intelligence Map]]'''
:Uses [[Scent Death]] images to graphically show the concentrations of zombies and dead bodies across the city.
'''[[Mall Status Map]]'''
:Gives a graphical layout showing the status of malls across the city.
'''[[NT Status Map|NecroTech Status Map]]'''
:Combines with the Danger Map to create a map showing the status of NecroTech Buildings across the city.
'''[[Strategic Buildings Status Map]]'''
:Gives a graphical layout showing status Forts, Malls & NecroTech buildings, all in one map.
'''[[MPM Status Map|Mobile Phone Mast (Building) Status Map]]'''
:Combines with the Danger Map to create a map showing the status of Mobile Phone Mast Buildings across the city.
'''[[Mobile Phone Mast#Suburb Map|Mobile Phone Mast (Network Coverage) Map]]'''
:Shows the operational status of Mobile Phone Masts across the city.
:A hybrid map combining data from the Danger Map, the Scenteral Intelligence Map and the Mall Status Map.
'''[[Printable Map of Malton]]'''
:A Map of all Malton's buildings designed to be printer friendly.
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