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A Suburb is a named 10 block by 10 block subsection in the city of Malton. There are 100 suburbs in Malton, arranged in a 10 by 10 grid.

In the game, the suburb you are in is given at the top of the 3x3 map showing your immediate environment. There is no special procedure for moving from one suburb to another - simply keep walking and you will find yourself in a new suburb. If your map has fewer than nine squares, you are at one of the boundaries of Malton itself, not simply the boundary of a suburb.


Suburbs of Note

The Dead originated from this suburb, evicting the DHPD in the process. It has been one of the most dangerous suburbs in the city for years. Survivors are not advised to visit.
Houses the southern half and gatehouse of Fort Perryn, the site of a constant struggle for pride and authority. The Feral Undead's base of operations is here.
Home of the Ridleybank Resistance Front and suburbs of their claimed territory.
Home to Whetcombe Park, site of the Strike. Former home of the now-defunct Pwotters zombie horde.
Home to Caiger Mall, site of four of the largest sieges in UD history. The Malton Iditarod started and finished here.
Home to the Yagoton Revivification Clinic, one of the largest revivification points in Malton. The Valentine's Day Massacre took place in Southern Yagoton.
Home to the Eastonwood Ferals and birthplace of the notorious PKer Pathetic Bill.
Former home of the PA Rebel Alliance, based out of Giddings Mall. In 2005, they were responsible for The Many's greatest defeat. Won against The Shining Ones in a 2006 siege as well. Also home to the Creedy Defense Force as well as the PKer group Creedy Guerilla Raiders.
Suburb once occupied by a group called DARIS, who made it a policy to eliminate all non-DARIS members within the suburb. It was eventually forced out by a variety of factors, including downright apathy and a possible zerging attack.

Use the discussion page to vote on new historically noteworthy suburbs.

More Maps

Shown in the section above is one of several useful maps of Malton. This section gives links to others; each has a different focus in the information it shows, several extend the above map to include other information. See also: Maps

Suburb Dangermap History

Historical views of the Danger Map shown above.

Updater-Friendly Danger Map

An updater-friendly version of danger map which includes links to suburb news, building information center and direct link to danger level updates right on the map.

External Military Report Map

Combines the Danger Map with summaries of External Military radio reports from 25.96Mhz.

Scenteral Intelligence Map

Uses Scent Death images to graphically show the concentrations of zombies and dead bodies across the city.

Mall Status Map

Gives a graphical layout showing the status of malls across the city.

NecroTech Status Map

Combines with the Danger Map to create a map showing the status of NecroTech Buildings across the city.

Strategic Buildings Status Map

Gives a graphical layout showing status Forts, Malls & NecroTech buildings, all in one map.

Mobile Phone Mast (Building) Status Map

Combines with the Danger Map to create a map showing the status of Mobile Phone Mast Buildings across the city.

Mobile Phone Mast (Network Coverage) Map

Shows the operational status of Mobile Phone Masts across the city.


A hybrid map combining data from the Danger Map, the Scenteral Intelligence Map and the Mall Status Map.

Printable Map of Malton

A Map of all Malton's buildings designed to be printer friendly.

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