Sutherland's Defence

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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

This controversial defense strategy is based on stoic real-world observations taken from eyewitness accounts of the infection that has spread through Malton over the past few months. It causes friction between quite a few people who preferred close-knit groups using safehouses to survive and is easily termed as the exact opposite of the safehouse method of living.

The Concept

Due to the integration of exceptionally large faux-alliances that were formed during the recent months, the ability of the undead to form in mass around a region, then at a given time swarm a building, tear down its defenses, and finally kill all inside, an alternate method of dealing with the matter had to be conceptualized and brought in.

Whilst many a night was spent arguing over this on the Tompson Mall Irregulars forum, it was concluded that the best plan of action was to take no action at all, but to disperse. This made the mall a resource and not an accommodation block; its members lived within a ten-block radius of the mall, traveling between using free-running whilst maintaining 'very heavily barricaded' conditions for the buildings.

That meant that for zombies to kill every survivor in the area, they would have to use massive amounts of time and energy tearing down very heavily barricaded building defenses whilst not being guaranteed more than ten survivors per building.

The Counter-Attack

With any given horde having just swarmed into an area 10x10 blocks and having spent the better half of a day or two tearing down barricades, it would then be very easy for survivors to run back down and re-barricade the buildings, whilst players with the headshot ability could strike hard and fast against the enemy hordes.

The goal isn't an all-out decisive victory; rather the goal is to be that much of a thorn in their side that the enemy will retreat or not even try to attack the area due to the fact they will get minimal kills for maximum effort.

The Conclusion

Many areas that have implemented Distributed Defence have had every organized assault by faux-alliances called off or defeated completely.