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Need to talk to someone in Illuminati? Find us in game or contact CiscoKitty or Duck at Brainstock, or post a little something here! Enjoy!!! Divs 21:56, 5 June 2010 (BST)

Missive of Great Import

From: The Stolid and Knowing Gaze of the All-Seeing Eye

To: No one, insofar as the recipients hereof do not exist.

Re: Membership in a benign social club devoted to community service

Gentlemen, Ladies or Other Entities,

Your humble servant and known Emanantizer of the Eschaton [E.B. Farnum][1] would have further talks with you. Not, it should be said, about any particular order of higher-knowledge and wisdom, as, after detailed and extensive research, I have verified that such an organization does not exist.

While not officially reporting in any capacity, your friend E.B. (once a humble hotelier noted for his good deeds and charitable practices) has been devoted to dispatching the disorderly riff-raff of Malton for some time.

(As such, it saddens your friend to report that [a small dossier][2] on him exists in the Rogues Gallery. A quick look will show that every person who reported him either now has a PK record of their own or once did. It should also be noted that, in an act surely intended for the greater good, an Enlightened One named Ciscokitty once dispensed what appeared to be righteous justice upon my own self. There are no hard feelings -- although I do have a tailor's bill I'd love to discuss).***

If anyone has the desire for further discussions, I await your guidance.


      • Said discussion is not meant in any way to suggest Ciscokitty is a member of any secret organization devoted to world domination. That's just silly.

--E B Farnum 18:00, 23 September 2010 (BST)

Mr Farnum Please check your talk page.

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