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Any Irish republicans out there

Be sure to get in touch with me. That goes for any former IRA members also. --San Patrico Batallon

Right where to begin..One they disarmed and two they dont have any guys for supposed terrorism in England anymore.You are a disgrace if you are Irish and a Mockery.Seloth 19:02, 06 August 2007 (GMT)

We know they disarmed. We've mentioned it. I don't think we've said anything about them having people in England anymore, because you're right- they don't. As for the rest opf it- tell me about it. I've personally been lobbying for a change of image or at least to tone it down a bit, but the voting officers have yet to decide. The most I, as spokesperson, can do is simply to try to be as nonradical as I can until the votes come in. --Fenian 22:19, 7 August 2007 (BST)

This game is based in a fictional English City.Why on Earth would the modern day I.R.A. be there.I have no problem with ye using the IRA but plenty of people still think that the IRA is active and it gives a bad image.I have gotten into plenty of situation when I had to explain that Ireland was not like Iraq with a constant hunt foir terroists.--Seloth 04:32, 12 August 2007 (GMT)

EDITI've just read the post on the main page and I'm glad to hear..please contact the Malton Mob for an alliance.--Seloth 04:34, 12 August 2007 (GMT)

The irony is that as the IRA, we would have been more likely to consider alliance with the Malton Mob. But we'll consider it nonetheless. --Fenian 19:47, 18 August 2007 (BST)

Ok, I don't know if you are actually Irish, because this group's in pretty poor taste, but you might as well try and get your grammar right. Na Fianna Dubh would be the correct way of saying this -

Gotta to back canny here. What you have there is a poor direct translation. As Gaeilge, it should be Na Fianna Dubh.--Nuabreed 16:12, 29 May 2007 (BST)

To the best of my knowledge, all the members of this group are Irish or of Irish anscestry. As I said, we don't support the IRA, the various orange factions or any other terrorist groups and in fact strongly condemn their actions, and the several of our members are very strong advocates for a political solution to the current Norther Ireland situation. But that's really not the point here. We try to stay out of real-world politics and we don't advocate violence. We're here strictly for RP purposes. Just because we take the name of a (now disarmed) revolutionary/terrorist group does not mean that we support their actions. For example, the Iron Cross Brothers have a massive amount of Nazi/Third Reich symbolism on their homepage. This does not mean that they are Nazis or support Nazis. In fact, they openly state that they are not Nazis. The Red Army group has a lot of Communist symbols on their group. This does not mean that the members of the group support the collapse of the free market and think we should kill all employers and federalize all buisinesses. There's a group called Mossad. The players of the characters in this group don't necessarily support all the descisions of Israel or partake in counter-terrorism raids against Hamas. Because we are roleplaying, we are taking on identities different from our own. You don;t think that a player who plays a zombie in this game supports the killing and eating of their fellow human being, do you? Well, we don't support terrorism or violence. But we're roleplaying characters that do. Though, so far, in the game, all we've been doing is killing zombies in Dartside.

As for the tranlation bit, we've been having some discussion over that. The member who came up with that has very poor translation skills, and doesn;t really havethe grammar down very well. We've left it alone so far because we're discussing whether or not to continue the Dubh Fianna/ Na Fianna Dubh or whether to disband them and become a pure survivor group. Currently, we're leaning towards the latter, at which point the accuracy of our translation wouldn't be much of a concern.- Fenian, 10:30 PM, May 29, 2007

Regarding your tags in Dartside

I have noticed the anti-British tags in Dartside and I'm not going to bother being diplomatic, for a change. I am going to ask you straight out - Do you intend to kill British characters, yes or no?

You weren't asked to Dartside. You just decided to show up after the majority of the wandering zombies had left and we were back to normal levels.

You can choose to work with the other survivors of the area to make things even better, or you can antagonize potential allies with your rhetoric.

How your stay goes is your choice. --Queen Mum 19 June, 2007, 18:20 (BST)

We do not intend to kill characters whos only "crime" is to be British, no. The tag(s) is question was created by a newer member of the group and we should have specified them. We have received a few complaints about this, and intend to change the tags so that the word "british" is replaced by "imperialist". We do not find the people of England to be at fault, though our characters are roleplayed as people who find the British government to be at fault.

As you can see, we have not killed any human players at all, and do not intend to kill any human players unless they either. a. attack us b. are affiliated with an imperialist group c. commit murder or rp rape d. act as spies or betray the organization

Though to clear things up, it is true that we were not asked to Dartside, but our arrival after the majority of the combat was complete was actually a coincidence. We had decided to head to Dartside while it was a red zone. Our firsy entrance was during the latter part of the fighting, and we didn;t get much of a foothold until most of the fighting was over.--Fenian 02:41, 20 June 2007 (BST)

Let me clear this up then. We have a group that is strongly allied to the Regulators Alliance P.M.A.C they are British, or English or Imperialist or whatever other semantics you'd like to use to describe them. If at any time, for any reason these people fall in harm's way due to a member of the IRA, I promise you I will clean you off the map without a moments hesitation. Thats how my character roleplays. Tread lightly and give wide berth, and I believe our organizations can do much for Dartside...--John Blast 05:26, 20 June 2007 (BST)
The only comment I intend to make on this subject: I have, and will continue to attempt to, ignored this group despite my strong reaction to it. I would prefer not to be confronted with this kind of real life intrusion to a fun little game about killing zombies. In my opinion, I find the confrontational and deliberate attempt at controversy sits ill at ease with the game as a whole. I do not care to see such elements brought into the game, the real world is full of enough hate and bitterness without bringing it into the game. We already have to deal with enough troubles with Text Attacks, random PKers and Griefers without seeing this.
With a million and one possible inspirations for a group, I wish you had chosen something else. I take on board your point about other controversial groups in this game, and my point stands against them, however, I don't tend to spend a lot of time hunting the Wiki for them, so I have been largely unaware of them. This is in my 'home' suburb. This is on my doorstep. This I try to ignore as simply in poor taste. Please allow me to blissfully ignore your presence as I really don't want my character to get into a long winded and frustrating in game thing with you guys, that will only serve to make us angry with each other. And no matter how much I would try to keep everything In Character, I know full well that frustrations bled over from life to game and vice-versa. I don't want that, and I would hope you don't either.
The troubles are by and large over. Ireland and Northern Ireland are learning that they do not have to be at each others throats, and the people of Britain are not the enemy. So please don't bring it into the game when it is already fading from life, and with the will of the gods, is no longer going to cause the fear, pain and heartache that many of us on both sides of the troubles have lived through. The game doesn't need it, and I certainly don't need it.
--Turner Calton 09:45, 20 June 2007 (BST)

Turner already eloquently stated some of my response. I cannot imagine that you chose this identity for any reason other than to be provocative and beyond practical concerns, I do not wish to play to that. I am sure that you have anticipated, and may even be looking forward to, in game confrontation. I want no part in giving you that either.
So, as far as practicalities go, this leaves me with two questions/points:
1) How are you going to define "Imperialist" or "British government"? Would my name be sufficient, for instance, despite your knowing nothing else about me? Evident military training and spelling the word "civilisation" instead of "civilization"?
2) What will be your criteria for provoking a confrontation? You have stated the reasons you would kill another character, which include "attacking you." Does that mean getting punched? Verbal assault? Surely, you realize that choosing the identity you have is provocation in and of itself for many otherwise peaceable people.
In closing, I will rephrase John's sentiment - Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'... The burden of proving you can be at all trusted by the long established groups of Dartside is on you.
--Queen Mum 18:25, 20 June 2007 (BST)

Bloody hell. Look, we have done nothing bad in Dartside. We've killed zombies, not the British. We've built barricades, not torn them down. You'd think the people who went and enslaved roughly half the world through military force and cultural destruction, turned perfectly good civilizations into third-world colonies, drained the resources from those lands and left them in a state of perpetual warfare and a cycle of poverty, then claimed that they were attempting to "civilise" the barbaric peoples of the earth could take a single lousy in-game message vaguely expressing a dislike of the British civilization, but I guess they can't. While I do not endorse the ideas of the member of our group who posted the offending message, and while we will replace it with something less offensive, some of you need to back off and chill out. We've apologized already, and we intend to continue to do the good things we have been doing in Dartside, and perhap to spread to Greentown or Kinch Heights and do good things there, too.

As for how we define "imperialist", we take each group into consideration, assess the risk they pose to us, assess their motives in the city of Malton, and assess how war with them would fit with our role-playing of our group, and then decide whether orot to declare them imperialist. So far, only the Imperial War machine and the British Military Corps are on that list, the IMW because they're overzealous, fascist, PKing imperialists, and the BMC because they are far away from us, we will probably never meet them, but nonetheless it would be improper to have a group called the IRA without delcaring yourselves enemy of a group called the British Military Corps. It's nothing personal on them. We actually think they're pretty funny, and will never actualy target them. So basically, it's the IWM and any zombies.

All said, would it make it better if we changed our names to "Fianna", abandoned the IRA imagery, and stopped overtly disliking the British government? Perhaps it would. Perhaps it would not. Perhaps members of our group would disagree and form a really hardore IRA that actually does do what the real IRA would be doing. Perhaps members of the Dartside community would still not trust us, despite our clean record thus far. Perhaps it would change us into a green-beer, overly fakey group that doesn't connect with Ireland past the 1860s. Perhaps it would legitimize us and make us more accessable to the pople of the community. Perhaps it would go over perfectly, without a hitch, and end the current tension. Perhaps it wouldn't. --Fenian 23:23, 20 June 2007 (BST)

What nonsense! You come into Dartside, start shit and then complain that people are getting uptight. In the south (USA) there's a saying; don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.

--Dan O'bannon, sometime today.

I would just like to inform you 'fine fellows' that if you do not stop putting up these 'witty tags' in Dartside then i am going to 'blow you a new hole'. And i am going to tell you right now... it has nothing to do with my group. I am going to 'silence' every last one of you if thats what it takes. You can label me whatever you want... i am an american and where we come from we dont put up with this kind of bull****. And yes this is a threat.. and yes it will be an attack...

BTW... How about i start saying that you should be thrown in jail for annoying people in public when you were crying as a little baby. That would be like like a black person blaming me for fuc**** slavery. Grow the f*** up. And remember this... you are in our territory. I don't speak for anybody else but myself but i will not hesitate to make your life a living hell if you continue this double talk, political jargon. Thats all i have to say to the likes of you (P.S.. i am new to the wiki so i didnt know how to sign until a few minutes ago. And i made it very clear this wasnt involving my group. It would just be me and me alone. If you guys tone yourselves down i have no problem with you. If not, you have my response already.)--Hatchet Stan 04:48, 22 June 2007 (BST)

Right... we've decided not to merit that last comment with a response, but if it benefits the user, we will try to be as clear as possible, without the much-hated "political jargon". We really don't know why there needs to be a confrontation. We've been open to negotiation, we've apologized, the member who posted the offending tag has been severely reprimanded, and we will replace it wit something more appropriate the nexttime we have a tagging run. We have made our views on the majority of the british public perfectly clear many times: We like them, the majority are good people, but we are playing characters who hate the UK's government. We have been willing to soften the roleplaying of some of our members to accomodate player relationships with perfectly good British players, who, as I have stated now for the umpteenth time, we actually think are, for the most part, good people. We have even set forth a plan to soften the group and abandon the IRA imagery. Now, some people who conveniently decide not to signature their posts have decided accuse us of attempting to start some kind of PK war or some crap like that. We don't want a fight in Dartside. We've made that clear, through word and action. We have apologized enough, reprimanded the offending player enough, and done enough. A single ill-thought tag by a lower-ranking member of our organization should not lead to a PK war. We hope it does not, and we will not be goaded into attacking. We are hoping for peace in Dartside, and the ball is in your hands now. --Fenian 18:10, 21 June 2007 (BST)

There will be no war with us. I think this matter is settled. You have said you're sorry and we will leave it at that. I, myself, have revived a member or two of yours in good faith. There are plenty of enemies in Dartside and I believe it would be in all our good intrests to work together. --Evl kitty 19:04, 21 June 2007 (BST)

Urban Guerillas

Here's a reply, though somewhat tardative, from the Urban Guerillas. Heh, Dartside. Pretty close to the ol' Kinch Heights. I hear it just isn't the same as back when we were there... About a year ago? -Certified=InsaneQuébécois 06:53, 23 July 2007 (BST)

No, it's changed quite a bit. Crawling with zombies, for one thing. Plenty of target practice, though. I've been to Kinch Heights. Nice suburb, for its part. Revive points there tend to be less crowded than the ones in Dartside recently.--Fenian 02:45, 24 July 2007 (BST)

Inactive Contact?

I have mailed the e-mail written on the contact, but haven't received an answer yet. Am I being ignored or is the contact inactive?--Sachaztan 16:06, 27 July 2007 (BST)

Neither. The Army is having a debate on recruitment policy to keep out undesireable aspects, after our unfortunate PR dive over the tagging incedent. New members will be cosidered this next Monday, at the latest. --Fenian 00:12, 28 July 2007 (BST)


Hello there. Lately, there have been some tags going up in East Grayside aout supporting the provisional irish republican army. Usually, STARS tolerates and encourages tagging, but when the tagging starts covering our own recruitment messages, then i'm afraid we draw the line. So from now on, i wondered if it would be possible if you could refrain from counter-graffitying over our tags so as not to heat a situation neither of us want. - --The Cop 20:26, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

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