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Death-Rattle Expansion

I'll try to address a few reservations here

  • Why a new skill? 2 reasons.

1st, because I thought it would be easier to implement a new skill, where Kevan could announce something like "It seems the Zombies are growing more adept at using their brain-preserved mouths and tongues, and have recently been heard trying our new sounds." 2nd, there's a general trend in rpg's, that it is fairly easy to achieve competence in something, but then to continue to improve, it requires more and more effort, and the improvement is smaller and smaller. It's normally 4? (or is it 6?) years of medical school to become a general practicioner. Then, another several years to specialize in neurology. Then, another several years to rise to the upper half of that field. Then, another several years to reach the uppermost heights of neurology. It's the rule of diminishing returns. Make it a new skill so that this advanced expertise in Death Rattle costs something. There is no free lunch. - Serpico 18:58, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

  • Why those 2 letters?

From ABGHMNRZ we can get the sounds for CJKSX, and we get I from !, so the list of sounds Zeds can't communicate is DEFLOPQTUVWY. Of those, I figured Q W U Y were too physically complex, and were somewhat far from the appropriate teeth-baring snarl that zombies usually have, leaving me with DEFLOPTV. Then, I see that of those 8, we can receive DFVT-sounds by using just the harsher of the pairs, D and V. - Serpico 18:58, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

  • Why only 2 letters?

Coming from the reasoning in the previous question, I wanted to leave the zeds with things that they still couldn't achieve, and maybe leave some room for a 4th tier skill to be added later on, that would add some sort of capability with the last thematically reasonable sounds ELOP. - Serpico 18:58, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

  • Zeds discussing politics/reciting shakespeare?

I hardly think that's actually going to happen. Although, now that I've said that, some zed somewhere is going to go log in and scream "Za Barhah arh nah Za Barhah? Zag ahz za grazghan!" (To barhah or not to barhah? That is the question!) In fact, I'm going to start screaming that! Although if this skill goes through, it will be slightly easier to understand "Da Barhah, Arh Nad Da Barhah, Zad Ahz Da Grazghan!" - Serpico 18:58, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

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