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Cleaning up

Im cleaning this page up a bit, History is not needed here as the history of tompson mall is basically everything. It was just lying there as a empty category with no use. I have no idea who the Apocalyptic Beer Enthusiasts are. Im assuming it was just a made up humor group. We have never seen them around. And i searched and googled alot for it and nobody turned up. If you find out who they are visit my talk page and tell me. This area is maintained by TMS and the Lockettside_Valkyries. The thing about the Lockettside_Valkyries is that they dont really maintain the building. They hang out in Alexanders hospital and have always been a great effort to helping us. But occasionally a person drops in from the cold. I also dont know how the beer building is related to the the Whitmarsh Arms. Im cleaning up the page a bit, I might also grab a image that better suits the building since the current image looks like a house. I will of course look for something similar and just as humorous. As this is a Amusing Location.--Suff-TMS- <-- Killin' zombies!19:41, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

  • Fixed the non existant group Apocalyptic Beer Enthusiasts. And got rid of the lack of information.
  • Added detail and the purpose for the beer building. Along with standard barricade information and radio procedure.
  • Uploaded a new, Better suiting image. If you wish to change to one our former images just edit the number in the image name. Were currently on number three.