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The Effects of a Zombie Apocolypse on Religious Diversity

It's hard not to notice the religious element in Malton these days. From our own Glorious Legion, led by the Holy Octopope Himself, direct emissary of the Octogod, to cults worshipping stuffed crocodiles and reviling stuffed alligators. Despite my stance as a believer in the strong embrace of His Holy Tentacles, I accept the religious diversity of Malton as a good thing- for are not all such cults but tentacles of the great Octogod, mere inkjets in his Grand Watery Design? Here is a run down of some of the various faiths of Malton. Church of Zeus This violent cult preaches a doctorine of intolerance for unbelievers and aggressive conversion. Led by the enimatic FireFighter Mike, they preach the tenets of Zeus to the masses, or, split their unbelieving heads with fire axes. Marvellous. Those interested in wearing black robes and smiting unbelievers in the name of Zeues should check out the talk page of this group. The Church of New Eden These Fanatics eschew a philosophy involving excessive CAPITALS, and revelling in the moment of their existence, be it as a living Prophet or a SACRED IMMORTAL. They are aggressively evangelical, attempting to convert others to this way of living, and accepting that death, life, undeath and revivication are all part of a glorious CYCLE. Joining these fervent believers is easy- just proclaim your allegiance. The Church of Zed Not much is known about the beliefs of this Church, but it is known that they seek to expand to all corners of Malton! Church of the Present Resurrection These lovers of Unlife can be found in St. Arnold's Church (Rolt Heights. They believe that the transition into Zombiehood is a Holy and powerful thing, to be shared with any who are not currently experiencing it through the blessings of the Dark God (One presumes sharp bitey teeth). They eschew the works of Mankind, prefering to get down and dirty. Church of the Resurrection These Undead Clerics have a long and well documented history. Their goal is to allow others to experience the miracle of Undeath as they believe Christ did. Their method of facilitating this holy transformation is typical of the unsubtle undead. They have embarked on many works in the city, which are chronicalled on their wiki page for unbelievers and believers alike to marvel at. Cult of Nivelon A horde of zombies and killers lead by the Dark Lord Zombius, these maniacal murderers are intent on overthrowing the rulers of Dakerstown and converting the locals to thier dark cause. They are currently recruiting likeminded sorts to help them in their carnage campaign. The Cult of the Red Star Enterpising ecunemicals, these gents require naught but your undying devotion and all your worldly goods. in return they promise to appreciate you like your parents never did, and as much kool aid as a body can drink and live. They also promise a healty dose of Eastern Wisdom, long aknowledged to be superior to that shoddy Western Wisdom that was so popular 500 years ago. Cult of the Fallen God Claiming to worship His Grand Wibblyness Cthulu, this group seek the destruction of their enemies, the Bastards of War for undisclosed, or possibly unknown reasons. Disciples of Brooks Firm believers in the teachings of the renowned Zombie Scholar Max Brooks, who's oral history of the Zombie war is legendary amongst their ranks, these brave souls attempt to follow his teachings to the letter. The Jedi Order of Malton Currently an order of one man found in Lockettside, this potential group seek to kick zombie ass and bring balance to the Force. He tells me Yoda sent him, and that's good enough for me. The Militant Order of Barah These Zombies take it seriously. They eschew anything even vaguely Harman as Anti-Barah, and believe in conquering the Unbeliever through means which only a true adherant of Barah could understand. Dark Order of Armageddon These Death Cultists follow their Dark Pope and Archbishop Maximus to eternal victory. They kill survivors whether they be dead or alive, and welcome any attempts to kill them. Their goals are the painful extermination of all life. Not ones to set their sights low then! The Esoteric Order Of Yig Some call them mad; others, merely esoteric. These babbling incoherants preach (?) the teachings of Yig, and perform sacrifices in his name. We hope of course that said sacrifices consist of fruits and vegetables, but given the violent nature of most Maltonian cults we're not too optimistic.

- What about the Discordian Society? Also, could you sign it? We don't want somebody else getting your credit. --Howard Bentley 02:17, 3 October 2007 (BST) (Anton Larsen)

I wan't my religion given at the very least a vague mention. Preferably dignified.--Elbowhead 00:36, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

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